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  • Automatically detects ambient light with 95cm ultra-wide lighting

  • Human-Centric presence detection to automatic light-on when seated

  • Best-Selling Study Lamp on Amazon Japan, JD China with 20,000+ 5-star ratings


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MindDuo study lamp table lamp designed for kids and students

MindDuo Eye-Care Study Table Lamp

BenQ WiT MindDuo offers the right color tone and temperature to suit any mood or scenario. MindDuo’s advanced features culminate to one simple idea: to enjoy reading. With quality lighting, now give your child a productive studying environment or indulge in the leisurely comfort of a good book for yourself

MindDuo Table Lamp features 95cm wide lighting coverage for study

95cm Super Wide Illumination

Multi-tasking has become very common. WiT MindDuo’s unique optical design illuminates a desk surface of 95 cm wide, which is 150% more than comparable lamps. Moreover, the lamp achieves a luminance of 500 lux in your workspace. This ultra-wide design enables you to see everything at a glance and comfortably read across all mediums--analog and digital--seamlessly.

* From a height of 40 cm, the entire reading area reaches a luminance of at least 500 Lux.

Auto Dimming with Intelligent Detection

MindDuo Study Lamp built-in ambient light sensor automatically will detect the desktop brightness, intelligently supplement the brightness required for reading according to the environmental conditions, give children comfortable light suitable for studying and writing, no need to worry about how bright the lamp should be.

MindDuo study table lamp features auto-dimming, adjust brightness according to the ambient light

In dark settings, the brightness is automatically increased

MindDuo study table lamp features auto-dimming, adjust brightness according to the ambient light

In bright settings, the brightness is automatically reduced

Infrared Seat Sensor, Turn on the Light for Kids

MindDuo features built-in infrared sensor technology, which can take the initiative to turn on the light for your child. Children often forget to turn on the lights and read books in the dark, causing vision damage. As long as the sensor function is turned on, it can be detected by infrared sensors and automatically turn on the light when the child is seated.

MindDuo study table lamp features auto light on and off for your kids when reading and learning
Broad and Even Illumination
Evenly illuminates a 95 cm reading space to protect child's eye health when eading

A. Light guiding louver : Enlarges the lighting area

B. Infrared sensor : It senses when the user enters the area

C. Ambient light sensor : Detects the ambient illumination and automatically adjusts the light accordingly

D. Flicker-free LED driver IC : Offers stable, non-flickering light

E. Warm and cool LED light sources : Adjust the color temperature from cool white to warmer color tones (2,700K ~ 6,000K)

MindDuo study table lamp is a LED lamp with buil-in light sensors
MindDuo table lamp is a LED study lamp which provides evenly spread and comfortable light

Evenly Spread and Comfortable Light

Using light guiding louvers, BenQ have developed a lamp head that is both small and capable of providing an illumination range that is 150% wider than comparable lamps. Meanwhile, the guiding louvers offer evenly spread and gentle light rays, which is more comfortable for the eyes.

Two Witty Lighting Modes
Smart dimming dual reading mode for kids
MindDuo study table lamp features book reading mode for reading books

Book Reading Mode

Research indicates that when studying, a cooler white light increases concentration. The Book Reading Mode provides a 5700K color temperature and high-brightness light that is most suitable for children to concentrate on reading and studying.

MindDuo study table lamp features screen reading mode when using tablets or laptops

Screen Reading Mode

When reading on screen, medium color temperature and brightness is the most comfortable. The Screen Reading Mode offers a mid-color temperature of 4000K and lower brightness, balancing the contrast glare that may occur.

Optimal Technology for Total Eye Comfort

It observes the subtle differences in surroundings then offers optimized and evenly spread lighting. The built-in sensor automatically detects the ambient light and displays through the three-color indicator if the room is “too bright”, “just right” or “too dark.” This helps you to select the most suitable light setting - or just let MindDuo automatically adjust the light for you.

Optimal Eye-Care Technology for Total Eye Comfort -  too bright
Optimal Eye-Care Technology for Total Eye Comfort - exact right
Optimal Eye-Care Technology for Total Eye Comfort -  too dark
Truly Human-Centric Technology
Automatically switch on and off the light

MindDuo study table lamp features human sensor detection to auto switch on and off light

Sometimes, you don’t notice that you should switch on the light. Or you walk away without turning the light off. WiT MindDuo has the technology that cares for you. Simply activate the Presence Detection toggle behind the knob and the lamp will automatically turn on when you take your seat. Even better, the light will switch off after you left, to help you save energy.

A Color Tone for Every State of Mind

Reading is a complete sensory experience. There is always a lighting scheme that fits your mood. WiT MindDuo offers a broad range of color temperatures from 2,700K to 6,000K, to satisfy your illumination demands for any kind of activity. Go for warmer tones for creativity and relaxing or simply flip to a cooler white light when you need to focus.

MindDuo study lamp supports adjustable color temperatures from warm light to bright light
MindDuo study lamp supports adjustable color temperatures from warm light to bright light
MindDuo study table lamp features various color tone for reading and learning

* According to research on the effect of color temperatures, cool white light (6,000K) is beneficial for concentration and productivity; warmer light temperatures (2,700K) are ideal for leisure reading and creative activities.

Warm Light is Better for Reading Before Bed

Research shows that exposure to the blue light from the bright light at night will disrupt the production of Melatonin, which may affect your sleep quality. Conversely, warm light temperatures contain less blue light, helping stimulate Melatonin production and prepare you for good sleep and recovery.

warm light is better before bed
BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Study Table Lamp supports USB charging port
USB Charging Port

To meet the demands of modern technology, WiT MindDuo works as a charging hub.The USB port provides 5V/1A power supply to recharge your mobile devices.

* The USB output is only for recharging electronic products and is not able to be used to charge or provide electricity to the lamp.

30-minute Break Reminder
Rest and Protect Your Eyes

MindDuo Study Table Lamp features a 30 mins break reminder to safeguard your eye health

MindDuo parent-child reading lamp has a built-in timer, and the indicator light will flash for 10 minutes every 30 minutes, reminding the child that it is time to rest! While children are studying hard, they can also rest properly and protect their eyes

MindDuo study table lamp features eco-friendly LED technology to save energy and bill

Eco-Friendly LED

WiT MindDuo’s durable LED light can be used for up to 50,000 hours. That means that with 8 hours of use every day, the lamp will accompany you for at least 17 years. Moreover, the energy-efficient LED lights help to reduce your electricity bill.

Flexibility for any Angle

A lamp worthy to accompany your multitasking, effortlessly adjusts to suit any height and sitting posture. WiT MindDuo has built-in torque spring technology and patented ball joints so anyone can easily adjust the height and angle of the light. From now on, dead spots or uneven illuminations are history.

MindDuo study table study lamp features flexibility for any angle to suit your needs
MindDuo study table lamp features slexibility for any angle

Safety is Our Top Priority

All materials earned the European RoHS (2002/95/EC) certifications. This confirms that our materials do not contain unsafe substances such as heavy metals, to protect your health. To avoid electric shocks, only 12-volt direct current runs through the lamp body.

Europe-CE and LVD certificate for MindDuo study lamp

Europe-CE and LVD

ETL certificate for MindDuo study lamp


Mainland China CCC certificate for MindDuo study lamp

Mainland China-CCC

Taiwan BSMI certificate for MindDuo study lamp

Taiwan BSMI

US FCC certificate for MindDuo study lamp


Korea KCC certificate for MindDuo study lamp

Korea KCC

IEC EN62471 certificate for MindDuo study lamp

IEC EN62471

A reliable and secure product

Passed the international safety certification

✔️ MindDuo Optical Upgrade is designed with safety standards for children's toys

✔️ No danger of sharp, sharp edge, toxicity, plasticizer and flammability

✔️ Use materials that have passed the EU RoHS (2002/95/EC) Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive test

✔️ There is no threat of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc., escorting health

✔️ The lamp body only has 12 volts of direct current to avoid the risk of electric shock

No flicker, no blue light certification

✔️ Passed the EU's IEC/EN 62471 photobiological safety certification, and passed the IEC/TR 62778 blue light hazard assessment for light sources and lamps

✔️ Compliant with IEEE PAR1789 LED light flicker specification

A Promise from BenQ’s Eye Care Technology

Low glare, stable light source, and uniform rays, for even light coverage.

Obtained IEEE PAR 1789 approval, providing flicker-free light.

Passed the IEC/EN 62471 and IEC/EN 62778 tests of the EU, so free of blue-light hazard"

BenQ Eye care technology test for MindDuo study lamp
BenQ Eye care technology test for MindDuo study lamp

Click the video to see how the MindDuo Study Lamp works for your parenting time