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WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp

  • 150% wider lighting coverage than the average desk lamp

  • Built-in smart lighting technology adjusts the brightness to ambient light

  • Easily switch from warm to cooler tones


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Media Review
4 tips to ease yourself back into work or study mode

“WiT features auto-dimming by a built-in smart light sensor to automatically detect the ambient brightness as well as zero flicker LEDs, producing steady light output that is healthier on the eyes.”

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Smart Desk Lamp Geekculture Review

“the WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp really leaves nothing more to be desired. It illuminates well, has lighting options to suit users’ needs, and has wide coverage with adjustable angles. Plus, it comes with a ball joint and hinges, which allows it to be stretched and bent, to provide lighting from a variety of angles.”

User Experience

" Easy to setup & use. Light is pleasing & natural. Not harsh. Been wanting to get a lamp like this, so my eyes don't get tired easily after prolonged studying into the night. Very happy with my purchase! 😊"




"Received product day after. Good quality made and aesthetically attractive. Comes with touch control to toggle power. Wide lighting coverage with flexibility to adjust color temperature and brightness. Looking forward to the promise of no screen glare or eyes strain."




"Considered for a very long time because of its price and wondered if it’s a marketing gimmick but it’s such a great investment! I can comfortably read the hats in my screen without feeling my eyes straining."