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Lamps / Eye-care Desk Lamp / Genie Eye-Care Lamp

Genie Eye-Care Desk Lamp

  • Broad and infinite, illuminate everything: The lighting width is up to 90 cm, the lighting range is 1.5 times wider

  • Smart dimming, smart eye protection: The built-in light sensor can detect the ambient brightness, adjust the brightness output of the central area and reduce contrast glare

  • Cold and Warm Colour Changing , as you prefer. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted to meet various reading situations


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Genie e-Reading Lamp

WiT Genie
Desk Lamp
with Upgraded Smart Dimming

Exceptional Desk Lamp
for your Home Design

Traditional Desk Lamp

ืTraditional desk lamps

Excessive concentration of light sources

Traditional desk lamps

Not Single fixed color temperature

Traditional desk lamps

Screen glare causing dazzling discomfort

Traditional desk lamps
Genie Desk Lamp

Genie Desk Lamp
Ultra Wide-Angle Lighting Coverage Range

Ultra Wide-Angle Lighting Coverage Range

Auto Dimming with Intelligent detection

Auto Dimming with Intelligent detection

Adjust Brightness and Color Temperature

Adjust Brightness and Color Temperature

Smart Reading mode, Intelligent as You Need

Smart e-Reading mode
The built-in ambient light sensor automatically detects the desktop brightness,
Adjusts the light output at any time and the Intelligent Dimming upgraded version provides
the dual mode of screen reading and book reading.

Book Reading
Genie Desk Lamp

The light is broad and even,
instantly supplement the light needed for reading.
Screen Reading
Genie Desk Lamp

The Mid-Brightness is reduced which designed for the required light and reduce the contrast glare.

Broad and Infinite, Illuminate the Desktop

Broad and Infinite
Use curved backlight modules to create an exclusive smile curve,
evenly illuminate a 90 cm reading space, the illumination Range is 1.5 times wider than that of a general desk lamp, so your field of vision is no longer limited.
Genie Broad and Infinite
Adjust the Dimmable Cool White and Warm White
Create Different Atmospheres
Genie Adjust the Dimmable Cool White and Warm White
Genie Adjust the Dimmable Cool White and Warm White
Simply turn the rotary knob to fine tune the color temperature and brightness to suit your reading needs
Go with a cooler temperature for your problem-solving tasks; Go with the warmer tones for relaxing.
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp

Light Up Every Situations

Make up light
Before Bed
Genie Desk Lamp
Working Time
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp
Eye-Protection Technology Provided
WiT Genie does more than you think, protects more than you imagine
WiT Genie 螢幕閱讀檯燈 智能調光升級版
Genie Desk Lamp
Flicker Free
Accredited by IEEE 1789 international certification
The light source output is uniform and stable without flickering
Genie Desk Lamp
Low blue light
Pass IEC/TR 62778 international certification
Guarantee in low blue-light Level, never hurt your eyes
Genie Desk Lamp
High Color-Rendering Proficiency
The color rendering index (CRI) index is as high as Ra 95
The ability to present colors is close to natural light
Genie Desk Lamp
Aesthetics Outside, Technology Inside

A. Flicker-free LED driver IC offers constant and even lighting

B. Ambient light sensor detects environment illumination

C. Curved light guide module widens the illumination area

D. The LED complied with the IEC/EN62471 photobiological safety regulation does not harm your eyes

Genie Desk Lamp blue
Flexible Ball Joint
Genie Desk Lamp all colors

Four Colors, Showing Your Decorating Styles

WiT Genie 螢幕閱讀檯燈 智能調光升級版
WiT Genie uses environmentally friendly materials
Protect your eyes while also taking care of the earth's environment
Genie Desk Lamp
Meet the restrictions in EU RoHS certification
Ensure material safety and purity
Genie Desk Lamp
Special aluminum alloy for heat dissipation
Carefully guard the future of the earth
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp
Europu-CE and LVD
Genie Desk Lamp
Genie Desk Lamp
Mainland China-CCC