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Expert Review
Why Monitor Lamps are so important | BenQ ScreenBar Review

by Shawn Koh

With the new BenQ ScreenBar, you'll never have to deal with glare while being able to light up your desk space effectively. The light is dimmable and has adjustable color temperatures. The ambient light sensor adjusts the light to a healthy level based on the surrounding lights.

Media Review
BenQ ScreenBar review:
Give your overworked eyes rest

“As working parents would know since the start of the pandemic, setting up workstations for themselves and their kids can be quite a hassle.”

BenQ ScreenBar review:
4 tips to ease yourself back into work or study mode

“The ScreenBar Plus also comes with a desktop dial for you to manually adjust your ScreenBar light settings, further optimising your work environment."

BenQ ScreenBar review with Geek Review

"The ScreenBar comes packed with 14 adjustable brightness levels and 8 preset colour temperature levels, this helps cater to every individual’s comfort level. There is also a very useful auto-dimming feature, thanks to a built-in ambient light sensor, located atop the ScreenBar. ”

BenQ ScreenBar review:
Best Table Lamps To Place On Your Desk

“One of the must-haves in every workspace is a solid desk lamp that brightens the area, reducing eye strain and allowing you to focus."

User Experience

"Item received in good condition, a lot brighter than Baseus’s monitor light and doesn’t seem to have the issue with tipping over on my ultrawide monitor."."


Y. J

"Package arrived early! 😃 Very well packed. Easy to install and just as advertised! And FYI. You CAN fix back your WebCam on the ScreenBar. There is a small flat "platform" on the top, just nice for you to place your WebCam."."



"Best Monitor and light for office or Web surfing! Ordered on 9Sep and got it next day around 12pm. Excellent service. Product wise, screen is excellent, 4K, able to auto adjust to the environment. For the light, its has auto sensor function and does not affect the monitor screen. Excellent buy!""



"Fits well on my 34 inch curved screen. Light are non glaring. I can even lower my brightness on the monitor now. Recommended."