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BenQ Screenbar Plus - Computer Monitor Light Bar with dial, Matte Black USB Powered Office Lamp

  • Auto dimming with built-in ambient light sensor

  • Specially designed clip works with most monitors

  • Zero reflective glare off the screen


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BenQ ScreenBar Plus review:
BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light

“BenQ’s ScreenBar Plus now comes in a sexy gunmetal finish, with the addition of a handy desktop dial for the added ease of brightness/colour temperature adjustment on-the-fly.”

User Experience

Appearance: nice & minimal aesthetic. Quality: feel sturdy & weighted. I like how I can place the remote control anywhere when revamping my desk.



👍🏻 definitely recommend :))



"Product came in good working condition. Light bar and adjusting knob feels well made. The adjusting knob is convenient, able to adjust temperature and brightness.Overall, the screenbar is still a great product!."


Cai J.

Awesome product. Although it's a bit pricey, i can foresee it is a good investment for the eye. The function is awesome with different light (warm/white) and brightness.


Bl K.