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Lamps / ScreenBar Series / Screenbar Plus - Eye-care Monitor Light / Review & Recommendations

BenQ Screenbar Plus - Computer Monitor Light with dial for WFH & HBL

  • Auto dimming with built-in ambient light sensor

  • Specially designed clip works with most monitors

  • Zero reflective glare off the screen

Review & Recommendations

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Expert Review
"The BenQ ScreenBar lamp was a neat find. Like a soundbar, but mounted to the top of your computer monitor, it washes your desk in light, without dumping a ton of glare on your monitor."

- SomeGadgetGuy

BenQ Entertainment Monitor EW3280U review by  TheGamer

"If you're a designer or writer that likes to use a pen and paper from time to time, I can't think of a better option than this right now."

- Charlie Noon, WePC

"My favorite aspect of the BenQ light bar is the lack of screen glare. The way the light bar sits atop the monitor, it directs its light downward and away from the screen, which lights the area around the screen without striking the screen."

- Kyle Schurman, Business Insider

"After just a few weeks of using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus, I am completely hooked on it. The idea of going back to a regular LED desk lamp — with the extra space it takes up and the subpar lighting coverage — has zero appeal."

- Brad Moon, Forbes

User Experience

"Excellent product. Very even lighting. Colour temperature is spot-on. Better some of the Chinese brands I have tried. Great for photos and video production."

Larry F.

"The best desk / monitor light! Light takes up minimal spaces, with cables long enough to run down the monitor arm and sit the controller neatly towards the top of the desk. Colour temperature and brightness changes using the dial is super efficient .If you work / game late at night with low natural light this helps alleviate some of that eye fatigue I had been experiencing."

Gavin O.

"Product came in good working condition. Light bar and adjusting knob feels well made. The adjusting knob is convenient, able to adjust temperature and brightness.Overall, the screenbar is still a great product!."

Cai J.

"Fast delivery 🚚 Very professional packed & labeled. Box in perfect condition📦. Easy to install. No issue with using it for my laptop 💻 Worked past midnight without feeling eye strain 😉👍Will deal with in future 🤝"