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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

How Game’s Color Alignment Unveils the Unseen by MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

Introduction to BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

Visual experiences play a pivotal role in the world of gaming, providing essential gameplay information and communication to navigate environments, identify objectives, and understand game mechanics. Stunning visuals also enhance the aesthetic enjoyment of games and become a powerful tool for compelling storytelling. Perhaps most importantly, high-quality visuals evoke emotions and set the tone for engaging gameplay, drawing players into the game’s narrative and enhancing their sense of presence within the immersive virtual world.

Every pixel, every shade of color, and every contrast level contributes to the immersive experience that gamers crave. Recognizing this need, BenQ has developed the PixSoul Engine, a groundbreaking technology integrated into MOBIUZ Series gaming monitors.

Every game has its unique aesthetic design, characterized by distinct color palettes and tones. MOBIUZ Game’s Color Adjustment, a key component of PixSoul Engine, takes this into account and builds a strong framework for visual enhancement by constructing a principal gaming genre color database. Leveraging BenQ's 20 years of experience in color technology and valuable insights from over 100 AAA gamers, Game’s Color Adjustment makes precise calibrations to ensure that color renderings directly correlate with the game's aesthetic design. Whether it's the vibrant hues of a fantasy world or the gritty realism of a military shooter, BenQ MOBIUZ monitors, with PixSoul Engine, deliver visuals that stay true to the developer's artistic vision.

Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement PixSoul Engine

Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine
Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

Panel Standard

Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

Adaptive Contrast Adjustment

Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

Game’s Color Alignment

Gameplay with Smart Visual Refinement BenQ MOBIUZ PixSoul Engine

AI-Enhanced Auto Adjustment

Why MOBIUZ Color-Tuning Matters

The motivation behind MOBIUZ's relentless pursuit of color-tuning perfection stems from a fundamental observation: the color presets offered by most gaming monitors fails to capture the nuanced aesthetics of modern video games. For example, the common "FPS mode" preset may suffice for some games, but it falls short when faced with diverse themes, art styles, and directions of individual titles. Consider the gritty realistic battlefields of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the fantastical alien imagery of Destiny 2, both first-person shooters yet dramatically different in visual presentation.

Game’s Color Alignment for PixSoul Engine is built upon this realization that a one-size-fits-all approach to color presets is inadequate in catering to the varied preferences of gamers and the unique look and feel of different games. Comprising color experts and dedicated gamers, the BenQ MOBIUZ product team set out to bridge this gap by crafting colors custom tailored to look stunning on specific gaming titles as well as resonate with the gaming community.

Perfecting Game’s Color Alignment Tuning and Verification

MOBIUZ Gamer's Color Alignment ensures that every color preset reflects the collective wisdom of both experts and players, resulting in unparalleled visual experiences.

Game’s Color Alignment for color optimization unfolds through a meticulous three-step process. We started with extensive research on popular games from the past five years, diving into gameplay footage, artbooks, and developer interviews to analyze each game's storyline narrative and aesthetic essence. This comprehensive understanding forms the basis for the creation of BenQ's game color database, the critical resource for crafting color presets.

Then, in collaboration with our color experts and engineers, these insights were translated into multiple color presets for each and every game in the BenQ game color database, with careful consideration given to different visual aspects and variations of gaming content. For example, in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth on PlayStation 5, if we adjust the overall contrast and color temperature the visibility in darker areas can be greatly improved, but the game’s iconic, almost cartoonish art style will be slightly diminished. Taking this into account, a third factor must be taken into consideration: the players themselves.

This third step involved rigorous analyses, including online surveys and in-person blind tests in group studies, to ensure that the selected color variations resonate overwhelmingly with gamer preferences. This thorough process ensures that every color preset reflects the collective wisdom of both experts and players, resulting in unparalleled visual experiences.

Benefits of Game’s Color Alignment

Following the PixSoul Game’s Color Alignment color tuning and verification process, we carefully crafted game-specific color profiles available for download from the MOBIUZ Color Center website for installation via BenQ Color Shuttle software.

The insights gained from the color-tuning process were compiled into the creation of three preset color modes integrated into Gen 1 MOBIUZ models — Sci-Fi, Realistic, and Fantasy — representing the world’s first application of aesthetic-based color presets instead of game genre-based modes. Named “Gamer-Experienced Color” to reflect the direct correlation of actual gamers’ playing preferences, these modes represent a paradigm shift in color presets prioritizing aesthetic experience over generic genre-based settings. With Gamer-Experienced Color, MOBIUZ players can seamlessly select display settings to match the art style of their favorite games, whether it’s in the style of sci-fi horror in Dead Space, a realistic adventure such as Red Dead Redemption 2, or a classical fantasy like The Witcher 3. For legacy Gen 0 MOBIUZ models, we created compatible simulated color presets that are available on the Color Center site.

Future of PixSoul Engine and Continuous Support

Developed through extensive testing and communication with gamers, Gamer-Experienced Color offers a vibrant world tailored to meet diverse preferences, ensuring each game is showcased in the most aesthetically pleasing palette.

As MOBIUZ looks ahead, our commitment to color-tuning excellence remains unwavering. With over 100 color presets created to date, over 50 one-on-one interviews conducted, and feedback from over 100 console players collected, BenQ continues to refine and expand its color-tuning efforts. We continuously invite players to join in the verification process, ensuring MOBIUZ monitors deliver perfectly tuned colors that resonate with their preferences. Gamers interested in teaming with BenQ to advance the PixSoul Game’s Color Alignment revolution may use the link to register.

The PixSoul Engine and Game’s Color Alignment initiative is not just a technological endeavor, but a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. In the ever-evolving world of gaming, MOBIUZ stands as a beacon of innovation, expanding the limits of color-tuning technology to deliver unmatched visual experiences. By applying revolutionary technologies such as panel standardization, adaptive contrast adjustment, Game's Color Alignment, and AI-enhanced auto adjustment, PixSoul Engine ensures that every pixel on the screen contributes to a truly immersive gaming experience to captivate gamers worldwide. Join us as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming innovation and unveil the unseen in the future of gaming visuals.


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