It’s Time to Assemble all the Sports Fans

Upgrade the Club to 4K stadium feeling! See how it works to increase the footfall of Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview.

It is great tom update the club to 4K stadium feeling with BenQ 4K projector.
This is BenQ 4K projector TK800M.

If you're a regular at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview for the "LIVE" Match Viewing, you would have noticed the New 4K projected Sports feed from the amazing BenQ TK800 4K projector, delivering sharp & crisp 4K HDR sports actions, re-creating the actual stadium atmosphere with astounding visual & audio experiences to your loyal club fans!

The live sports match projected by BenQ 4K projector delivers sharp and crisp 4K HDR sports actions.
The manager of Four Points by Sheraton Singapore is sharing his amazing experience with BenQ TK800M 4K projector.

“Thanks Kelvin Seow, the food & beverage manager of Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, to endorse TK800 and share his real experience: “Like I said, the TK800 is super awesome, and we are really exciting to have BenQ TK800 new projector with us, we hope to bring the experience to all fans and everybody else. Come to Four points and watch football matches!”

4 Key Reasons WHY BenQ TK800 4K projector has the perfect formula for sports bars:

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Big projection in small distances– TK800 can project 120 inch in just 4 meters.

Easy setup – Compatible with various input signals for 4K Live feeds.

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Flawless 4K Quality Game - Even without the 4K content, TK800 4K Projector can digitally upscale feeds to 4K resolution.

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Vivid Color and High Brightness - Unique football mode which enhances the whole viewing experience with luscious green field and clarity of your favorite players even in ambient light.

Seeing is believing! Take a look at how BenQ TK800 is making a difference at Four Points by Sheraton, Singapore.

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