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How to Choose an Eye Care Monitor Based on the User’s Screen Time?


If you have concerns about eye protection and viewing comfort, you can use this buying guide to help pick out a monitor suited to their needs. 4 groups of users are categorized according to their monitor time/usage and are provided the following technologies: low blue light, low blue light plus, brightness intelligence and brightness intelligence plus; to lessen their digital eye fatigue and be granted with better eye protection.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is also known as CVS, which stands for Computer Vision Syndrome, and refers to the strain on the eyes that occurs when you use a computer or digital device for prolonged periods of time. As people are more and more aware of it and since it’s less possible for them to reduce their screen time, they need to take eye strain into consideration and find out what they choose based on the following viewing experience.


Primary School Students

Senior Citizen

User Habit:

  • Web-surfing, casual reading mode 
  • Users with fragile eyes­


  • Filter out invisible flickering
  • filtering of blue light







Eye Care Monitor with Flicker-Free Technology

Generally, screens produce flickering not visible to the naked eye when it generates light; up to 250 times per second. Flickering occurs 5,760,00 times within a regular 8 hour (working) day of looking at a screen. Long exposure to this flickering generated by the screen can seriously impact your eye health. Eye fatigue is especially more common among students and workers who rely on computers in their everyday life, which affects their learning and/or working abilities even more.

You need to find a flicker-free eye care monitor which uses a unique stabilization technology to keep the picture from flickering. This reduces the pressure on the eyes as well as eye fatigue from looking at a screen for a long time.

With Flicker-free technology

Without Flicker-free technology

Eye Care Monitor with Low Blue Light Technology

Light is divided into visible light and invisible light. The human eye can only perceive them when they enter the macula of the eye, after which it shapes itself as image and color. Blue light is the more powerful visible light, including the colors blue, indigo and violet light. The short-wave blue light of violet light (UV) can penetrate through the cornea and the lens directly into the macula, causing damage to its photoreceptor cells.

BenQ takes the eye health of users to heart and this includes eye strain. That’s why BenQ offers monitors designed to help everyone. Low blue light technology can filter blue light (30-70%) according to user’s mode for reading, web-surfing, visual entertainment and editing. It can effectively protect the eyes from fatigue, dryness and strain, and retain the true color performance of these images on the monitor.


White Collar Worker

University Student

House Wife

User Habit:

  • Attentive work mode
  • Usage across multi-devices


  • Keep your eyesight with good blue light


A good blue light can make people feel energetic, and long-wave blue light ensures both eye protection and an improved visual experience. According to principles in physics, the blue light band in visible light, from short to long, (420-480 nm) is mainly divided into short-wave blue light, near ultraviolet (UV) and near green long-wave blue light. The shorter the wavelength, the stronger the light energy. The longer the wavelength, the weaker the light energy.

Eye Care Monitor with Low Blue Light Plus Technology

The Low Blue Light Plus is the technology which can retain the sharpness and contrast of the screen color, enjoying ultimate colors without any distortion. It will extract the blue light less harmful to the eyes to protect eyes, as well as ensure color accuracy and scope of color use.



Graphics Designer

User Habit:

  • Intensive, attentive and highly detail-oriented mode
  • Some often work on the dark screen and thus sensitive to the ambient light


  • Smart sensor which senses internal and external light sources
  • Brightness adjustment

Eye Care Monitor with Brightness Auto-Adjustment Technology

When you turn on the smart sensor (developed by the Brightness Intelligence technology), it starts to sense changes in an external ambient light source. The screen is adjusted to match the brightness and darkness. When ambient light is bright, the brightness rises. When the external light source is weakened, the overall brightness of the monitor also decreases automatically. This is more comfortable for the eyes, as it reduces the irritation of bright light and will protect your eyes from fatigue and irritation.

Besides, the Brightness Intelligence Technology can also detect the brightness changes inside and outside of the screen at the same time, showing perfect brightness while creating more comfort for the eyes and reducing the excessive light provocation, protecting eye health and making everything a more complete form of entertainment .



Video Gamer


User Habit:

  • Intensive, attentive and highly detail-oriented mode
  • Sensitive to color temperature in their work environment


  • Smart Sensor which senses internal and external light sources
  • Adjust the brightness and color temperature

Eye Care Monitor with Advanced Brightness Auto-Adjustment Technology

If you are a heavyweight user, you need to a much smarter technology which can provide a monitor ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience.

Evolving the Brightness Intelligence technology for deeper viewing experiences, the Brightness Intelligence Plus technology can automatically display the matching color temperature and brightness for the most optimal viewing quality.

Besides the color temperature, the Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology can also enhance the hue and saturation of colors while ensuring a smooth color gradation so that colors stay true, original and vibrant. With appropriate brightness, color temperature, and good colors, the Brightness Intelligence Plus technology creates more comfort and an overall strain-free viewing experience. It helps you enjoy your visual consumptions, whether it is the console gaming or the movie watching, all the more.

Have you figured out which group you belong to after reading the descriptions of the 4 user scenario modes? Buy a monitor which suits your viewing habits and enjoy a strain-free viewing experience. Your viewing comfort will be guaranteed and you’ll find that long-term use of the monitor will make your eyes more comfortable even after a long day's work in front of the monitor.