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Buyer’s Guide to Business Projectors

There are six people clapping for the business presentation projected by a projector in the meeting room.

From SOHO to enterprise applications, business projectors create more opportunities. Keeping pace with increasing diversity in modern business types, a multitude of design and functional innovations are available on business projectors.

Taking everything into consideration, firstly, check the conference room size and projection environment. Secondly, check the installation requirements. Finally, select a projector for to meet business requirements. three simple steps can enable home office pros, small business owners, and even large corporations to find the right projector to create more business opportunities.

Step1: Select a projector based on conference room size and projection brightness.

An important consideration in choosing a projector for business information is projection brightness. For typical small conference rooms of about 10 people, we recommend a projector with 3,000~3,499 lumens of brightness to balance energy savings and projection clarity. For medium meeting rooms for about 20 participants, the projector should produce 3,500~5,000 lumens to accommodate more people and larger projection dimensions. An ultra-bright projector with more than 5,000 lumens is ideal in larger conference rooms for over 40 attendees to provide increased brightness and image clarity.

In addition, for spaces with direct lighting, we recommend raising the brightness requirement by 1,000 lumens to support business presentation needs with lights on.

With more attendees and with bigger conference room size, you will need to select a projector with higher lumens to support business presentation that needs with lights on.
Step2: Choose a projector based on installation requirements

In business, a projector may need to be moved into different conference rooms or even carried to client meetings. It is critical to choose the right projector according to the specific needs of the business. In conference rooms where the projector can be placed directly in front of the screen, a projector with vertical keystone correction facilitates optimal image alignment.

If a small meeting room’s space constraints make it difficult to position the projector in front of the screen, a projector model with both horizontal and vertical keystone correction and side projection capability can ensure the correct image aspect ratio from either the left or right side of the screen.

The projector can be placed in front or on the side of the screen with both horizontal and vertical keystone correction and side projection capability in the meeting room.
Step3: Choose a projector to meet business requirements.

Today, a wide variety of projectors are available to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Considering the needs for different business meetings, wired connection models can satisfy the majority of projection requirements used in a single space. If the projector often connects to smart devices for projection sources, look for wireless transmission capability.

A wireless smart projector with ease of use and internet connectivity is a good choice for meeting efficiency. For large businesses with dedicated projectors in multiple conference rooms, business projector models with LAN connectivity and remote management capabilities can facilitate efficient management of multiple projectors.

The business projector with wireless and LAN connectivity and remote management capabilities can facilitate efficient management of multiple projectors in multiple conference rooms.
Meet your diverse business needs with BenQ projectors, the sharpest idea in projection.

Home offices, small businesses, and corporate conference spaces all must meet customer needs for presentations of product information and marketing plans. A business projector with the performance and features to meet usage requirements can boost productivity and create additional opportunities. BenQ business projectors deliver both hardware specs and smart functionality designed for a variety of presentation scenarios to become your best partner for brilliant business projection.