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Relax at Home With Big Screen Projector Entertainment


If you’re finding that you spend more time at home now than before, then logic dictates you also want to have more fun at home. Not just any fun, but the kind of enjoyment that takes your mind off things, relaxes you, and recharges your proverbial batteries. A good projector helps you get more out of your home stay, and brings cinematic entertainment to your private space in times when you really need the leisure, and perhaps are less keen on going out to the movie theater. Projectors also pair very nicely with gaming these days, and prove an immensely useful tool for work and study. However, in this article we’ll talk about projectors and portable projectors for entertainment, so let’s leave work and college at the door.

But with so many projectors to choose from, what should you keep in mind when picking the best one for you? 

A man watching movies at home on a projector because of shelter in place

Dawn of the True Multi-Purpose Home

With the relentless advance of technology, we’re lucky to have access to tools that enable work, study, and entertainment, all in the that one same space we call home. The need to move around, commute, and separate the three aspects of our lives has diminished. While that has many advantages, it also means for many people the place where they’re supposed to rest and escape from it all has become their office and classroom. Those were traditionally outside the home, so we felt great after a long day at the office or in class as we headed to our private abodes. Now work and school are right there at home with you, thus the need for taking a break with good home entertainment is greater than ever.

Even if physical boundaries between the work, school, and home phases of our lives have blurred, technology gives us the ability to take charge of our schedules and reinvent the home. 

Shining Bright for Entertainment Might

Projectors stand head and shoulders above TVs and monitors for many reasons. They’re flexible, able to showcase on dedicated screens or even walls. Projectors aren’t bound by fixed display sizes. Go wild and get a 200” screen or stay modest with an 85” canvass, it’s your choice and there’s very little difference in screen price, unlike TVs where ten extra inches mean double the cost. Projectors have that unique home cinema feel that TVs can never hope to replicate, bringing the theater indoors.

In terms of picture and sound quality, modern projectors offer true 4K, high end HDR, and support for surround sound in premium models. Even the basic built-in speakers on most projectors sound great, to be honest. And the huge images you get have vivid color, impressive brightness, and precise contrast. This isn’t yesteryear’s slide machine. We’re talking true digital home theater on the big screen, in your own place. 

Grab a Controller and Project Yourself

If you’re a gamer you know full well that the chance to spend more time at home isn’t all bad. It’s more time with your favorite hobby. And while you may think that means having to settle for a small monitor or a pricey (and not that much bigger) TV, then you’re not right. An increasing number of projectors offer superb gaming performance. Dedicated low latency game modes, up to 120Hz framerates, full HD 1080p with upscaling to 4K, and custom game audio modes. Plug your PC or consoles to a gaming projector and bask in the glow of a giant screen that makes every action and environment pop with greater impact than any fixed-size display could ever deliver. If you want to sit back and imbue yourself in big screen gaming, projectors are quintessentially the ticket. 

Portable and Small Actually Means Big

If you reside in a smaller space or simply want large entertainment in a small room, maybe consider a portable projector. These arrive in compact and light form factors and feature Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth for easy connectivity with everything from streaming apps to your phone and wireless keyboard. Portable projectors may be small, but their displays are just as big as those of full-sized projector models. So a tiny little device puts out a big image with 1080p upscaling thanks to advanced lens arrays.

Importantly, portable projectors go with you if needed when you venture outside, as they fit in your bag. Thanks to internal power supplies and multi-hour battery life, portables support long viewing, gaming, working, and studying sessions pretty much anywhere. For dynamic use, portable projectors rule because they’re designed for travel and mobile placement with no cables or setup. 

Stay Positive and Happy

Technology offers a lot of comfort and sustenance if you stop to think about it. We create tools to make life better, and projectors succeed at that. Be creative and embrace entertainment, and you’ll soon find that while for sure there’s a lot more to life than entertainment, like all good technology projectors help make your day more interesting and overall better. And that in itself is no small feat! Please take care and have a happy home always. 

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