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8 Creative Ways to Use Your Projector


Projectors used to be a staple of classrooms and corporate meeting rooms, but with improvements in technology and lower prices, more people now purchase projectors for personal use. Projectors today are lightweight and portable, have high resolutions, and produce color accurate images proper for premium entertainment use.

While most people use projectors at home for movie watching, thanks to their compatibility with almost any device there are many other ways to use them. 

1. Playing Video Games in King Size

Gaming on a projector takes your game to the next level by giving you the freedom to choose whatever screen size you want.

With a projector, playing split-screen games with your friends is a step up from gaming on a TV. The projected image is bigger than any TV, allowing each player more space.

Most modern projectors are compatible with gaming devices and consoles. However, for better colors and faster response times, you should opt for projectors designed for gaming such as the BenQ TH671ST.

A man playing video games with a  smartphone and a projector

2. Recipe Projection

Sometimes you feel like cooking a nice dinner for your loved ones. Once you have found a delicious recipe and stocked up the pantry, you only have to follow the steps carefully. We all know, though, how it goes when you use your smartphone to keep track of recipes. Oil is splashing all over your phone and you reach out to grab it with your flour-covered hands. Those are some hard to clean smudges on your screen.

Use a projector instead, display your content on a wall, and follow the steps easily. 

A man cooking using a projector

3. Bedtime Storytelling

Bedtime is a magical bonding experience for parents and kids. Use a projector to change bedtime routine you share with your kids. Thanks to their portability, projectors can be easily moved from room to room and connected to new devices.

Right after watching a movie in your living room, you can take the project to your kids' bedroom to watch cartoons or introduce the animals in a zoo to them. With a projector, it is possible to bring children's tales to life or create new stories together with images and videos projected on walls or the ceiling.

Storytelling for kids using a projector

4. Watching Fireworks From the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Every year many people gather at fireworks displays waiting for the clock to strike midnight marking the beginning of a New Year. In case you are hosting a party, or do not feel like waiting outside in the cold, you might opt for watching a live stream of the fireworks from the comfort of your couch. Instead of watching it on a TV, use your projector to make your fireworks life-sized. Watching live events on the bigger size screen of a projector is a truly immersive experience. 

Watching fireworks using a projector at a party

5. Menu Projection in a Restaurant or a Lounge Bar

A projector is also a great way to improve the ambiance of a restaurant or a lounge bar. Use it for projection mapping on objects or to display some entertaining content, or complement a delicious menu with a unique dining experience. 

Apart from that, a projector can be a great way to display today's specials or seasonal items on the wall without the need to reprint the menu each time. 

Using a projector to display menu

6. Seasonal Decorations

When the holiday season is around the corner, families are busy decorating homes and preparing for festivities. If you have a projector on hand, you can create customized decorations to guarantee the best holiday display in the neighborhood.

For Halloween, your pumpkins can come alive and start telling spooky stories, sing, or make silly faces by projecting content onto them. You could also produce a wow effect for passersby by creating an illusion that your house is full of ghosts, zombies, or other creatures. To achieve this, you can use rear projection mode on semi-opaque surfaces.

On Christmas, decorate the exterior of your house with Santa coming into the living room with a big bag of presents, reindeer and all.

Using a projector for Christmas decorations

7. Art Projection

A projector is a handy tool for artists as well as art lovers. With a projector, it's easy to display your favorite masterpiece in any room of your house. Using a projector to present your artistic taste is a unique and fun way to impress good friends.

Using a projector for displaying art in a living room

8. Painting a Mural

If you have thought about having a mural on a big wall in your house, a projector can help you achieve that without you having to become an artist. By projecting the desired image on a wall, you can quickly draw the mural by tracing along lines.

This DIY project is also an excellent opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their kids. It can serve as a great way to encourage kids' self-expression and creativity. All you need to do is choose the picture that kids want to paint and project it on the wall. 

Kids drawing on a wal using a projector


Modern projectors are very versatile and compatible with myriad devices. Besides watching movies, projectors have many other creative applications. If you have one on hand, try using it for any of these fun projects: gaming on a big screen, painting murals on a wall, spending quality time with your kids, cooking, decorating your house, or even projecting art on walls.


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