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Wireless Presentation System

Tap and Present in Seconds for Smooth and Seamless Meetings

With simple USB Type-C or HDMI connection, BenQ InstaShow Wireless Presentation System frees you from cables, adapters, special networks, and apps. A simple tap of the button enables you to wirelessly share content from any device from anywhere in the room.

InstaShow is Specially Designed For…

Organizations looking to make meetings easy and start faster

Schools and businesses who rely on training and collaboration


Organizations who want to share sensitive content securely

Facilitates hybrid meetings with affordable efficiency for medium to large-size rooms

Intuitive Design

Just plug, press, and present. No training, software, or network configuration needed.

Smooth Video

Smooth video playback of any content – including HDCP – up to 60FPS with no delay.

High Security

128-bit encryption means no one can “listen in” on a wireless presentation.

InstaShow Opens Many Meeting Possibilities

Built-in and Certified Security

InstaShow has advanced encryption to keep sensitive content safe from wireless snooping. Its unique architecture means that while IT managers can manage the device over the network, the system does not require anyone to log in to your network to use it – which helps keep your network safe. Each model has been certified as having no critical and high-risk security vulnerabilities.


Your guests can present without having to install an app on their computer, or having to log on to your network – keeping everyone safe and meetings running on time. InstaShow supports HDMI and USB-C device as well as HDCP content, so your guest can share any content from computers as well as Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, and even Linux devices such as Raspberry Pi.

Multi-person Collaboration

InstaShow enables you to switch presenters with a single tap – or enable up to four people to collaborate and share multiple ideas on the screen at the same time – without having to install any software or log onto a special network. Each system comes with two buttons, facilitating presentations one after another.

Sync Up Hybrid Meetings Seamlessly

VS model integrates with button microphone, 4K transmission, and InstaShow’s router-level chipset for effective collaboration and absolute information security. Ideal for medium to large-size rooms, VS model facilitates hybrid meetings with affordable efficiency.

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