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The best monitor for cording

| The best monitor
for programming

| BenQ Eye-Care Monitor
GW2485TC & GW2785TC

Enhance Productivity,
Keep Your Eyes Healthy!

Coding Mode

BenQ’s coding mode optimizes the contrast and saturation of dark mode, so that work efficiency can be enhanced, and eye comfort ensured during coding.​

coding mode

Enhance coding efficiency with
dual screen setup

BenQ’s monitors for programmers GW2485TC/GW2785TC, are perfect for this setup with versatile connectors and flexible height adjustment stands. ​


Programming easily with ergonomic design

Monitor height, tilt, pivot, and swivel offer easy customization.Besides, BenQ GW2485TC/GW2785TC monitors are designed for turning to either side, so that the vertical screen could be placed on the left or the right, depending on your preference!









Support Daisy Chain

BenQ GW2485TC/GW2785TC monitors are Daisy Chain compatible, which allows for the connection, or daisy chaining, of 2 to 4 monitors via DisplayPort.

daisy chain
daisy chain
daisy chain

Support USB-C

BenQ GW2485TC & GW2785TC Support USB-C with 60W power delivery, which allows you to not only easily connect with devices such as laptops, tablets, or MacBooks, but also charge up at the same time.

eye care


BenQ’s Eye-Care features can effectively ease the discomfort caused by long hours of coding.

Brightness Intelligence

Brightness Intelligence (B.I.)

Detect ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness accordingly.

low blue light

Low Blue Light Plus

Filters out the shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation which is harmful to the eyes while maintaining vivid color quality.

flicker free

Flicker-free Technology

Eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain, headaches.

color weakness mode

Color Weakness Mode

Help those who are affected by color vision deficiency to distinguish differently colored codes.


Exclusive Eye-CareU Software​

BenQ’s self-developed software allows you to adjust all Eye-Care features with a simple click. You can also set timers or get a notification when there’s insufficient ambient lighting.

Specification Table

Untitled Document
Model name GW2485TC GW2785TC
Size 24” 27”
Resolution FHD (1920x 1080)
PPI 82 93
Dimension(H*W*D) 501.4*540*184.9 (mm) 535.4*612.3*234.9 (mm)
Refresh rate 75 Hz
Panel IPS
Color Gamut 72% NTSC
Connectivity USB-C (60W Power Delivery), HDMI, DP (in), DP (out)
Eye-Care Brightness Intelligence, Low Blue Light Plus, Flicker Free, Color Weakness, E-paper mode
Built-in speaker 2W x2
Built-in Microphone Yes (AI Noise Cancellation MIC)
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