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7 Key Points for Choosing the Best Monitor for Programming


Are you searching for the ideal monitor to optimize your coding environment? Understanding the essential features to consider is important to make the right decision. From monitor size and resolution to specialized coding modes and ergonomic design, each aspect plays a crucial role in enhancing your coding experience. Let's explore the seven key points to guide you in choosing the best programming monitor.

7 key points In this article:

Best Monitor for Programming

Discover the Best Monitor for Programming

1. Coding Screen Size and Setup

Selecting the right monitor size and setup is fundamental for creating an efficient coding workspace. While there are numerous programming monitors available in various sizes on the market, such as 24, 27 and 32 inches in GW90QT and GW85TC series, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Ultimately, it comes down to selecting the monitor size that best suits personal preferences and usage scenarios.

New RD series offers three different monitor sizes: 32 inches, 28 inches, and 24 inches, that cater to software developers’ various preferences and needs. For those who prefer a single  programming monitor, 28 and 32 inches would be more suitable. They provide a clear and comfortable viewing experience during prolonged coding sessions. Alternatively, if you prefer multiple monitor setups or have limited desktop space, 24 or 28 inches would be a good choice. 

Monitor Size and Setup

Additionally, there are two new kinds of aspect ratio screens, 3:2 for 28 inches and 16:10 for 24 inches, for programmers to see more lines of code without spending time scrolling and to enhance the productivity of code review.

2. Resolution and Contrast Ratio

When it comes to selecting the resolution and contrast of a monitor, which are crucial factors in ensuring sharp text and vivid visuals during coding sessions, there are various preferences among software developers. 

For resolution, some find 2K meets their needs, while others may prefer the clarity of 4K. As for contrast ratio, programmers who are accustomed to working in dark spaces often find that a higher contrast ratio enhances visibility, making it easier to spot even the tiniest details and reducing digital eye strain, ensuring your coding sessions are more efficient and enjoyable.

Resolution and Contrast Ratio

3. See More with a Vertical Monitor for Coding

Instead of the horizontal setup, many developers also prefer using monitors vertically. It allows them to see more lines of code on a single monitor. When you are selecting a coding monitor, don’t forget to check if it can be rotated easily.

BenQ has developed a Pivot feature that rotates the display by using a bundle software, “Display Pilot 2,” while the monitor rotates. This enhances vertical viewing and enjoys effortless transitions for improved productivity.

See More With a Vertical Monitor

4. Specialized Coding Mode for Crystal-clear Codes

When it comes to reading coding lines clearly, high resolution and contrast ratio are essential, but they’re not the only factors. Coding modes, tailored specifically for developers, prioritize crystal-clear fonts to enhance code differentiation across various development environments. Whether you prefer light or dark themes, these modes in our programming monitors adapt seamlessly to your needs, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort. With reduced intensity of bright colors and enhanced contrast, monitors can promote eye-friendly viewing experiences during long coding sessions.

Advanced coding modes in RD series meticulously crafts the dark theme to ensure clear identification of characters such as Il1, 0oO, and q9g, enhancing readability and reducing visual strain. When paired with the dark theme of IDE software, optimizing visual clarity and comfort, it offers an unparalleled programming experience.

Specialized Coding Mode

5. Reduce Digital Eye Strain with Eye-Care Technology

Protecting your eye health is crucial, especially for software developers who spend extended hours focusing on coding in front of a monitor in dark environments. When selecting a programming monitor, it's essential to consider key features aimed at minimizing the risk of eye strain, such as low blue light, which filters harmful radiation to reduce eye damage while maintaining coding quality, and a fine-coated panel, which eliminates glare and reflection and provides optimal viewing comfort.

In BenQ’s RD series, there is a backlight “MoonHalo,” available in RD280UA and RD320UA. It is an eye-care feature that minimizes contrast glare and reduces ambient light interference. Additionally, RD series offer Night Hours Protection to protect programmer’s eyes in the dark. No matter how dark your working surroundings are, it can provide extremely low brightness with a color-balanced solution for eye comfort. With these two features, programmers can maximize an immersive and focused working atmosphere at night.

Backlight Design

6. Ergonomic Design for Body Comfort

In addition to Eye-care, comfort is essential during extended coding sessions. Many developers opt for lift tables, wrist and neck rest cushions, ergonomic chairs, ergo arms, etc., to alleviate discomfort after sitting for prolonged periods. Instead of spending time and effort on purchasing a bunch of additional ergonomic accessories, selecting a monitor with a built-in ergonomic design is time-saving and convenient.

Ergonomic Design

7. Intuitive Settings for Multi-Tasking

Since many developers spend long hours concentrating on their coding and often multitask at the same time, having more intuitive and user-friendly settings can greatly enhance the working experience. But what are some common intuitive Settings? One feature is USB Type-C with USB Hub. Programmers often have various devices on their desks to aid them throughout the day. With just one cable, they can connect multiple devices, reducing clutter and increasing productivity while maintaining a tidy setup.

Intuitive Settings for Multi-Tasking

*Mac® users need to daisy chain your monitors via docking stations with Thunderbolt ports or other devices.

BenQ offers convenient features like Function Bar and a bundle software, “Display Pilot 2,” which provide quick and intuitive access to essential functions and shortcuts to enhance productivity.

Choosing the best programming monitor involves considering several key factors to ensure an optimal coding experience. Each feature contributes to productivity and comfort during coding sessions. With careful consideration of these key points, programmers can find the perfect monitor to optimize their coding environment and elevate their coding experience.


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