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My projector can't detect HDR. How can I fix that?


Please refer to the following steps to fix HDR detection issues.

1. Check your official projector specifications to make sure it supports HDR

    • If the projector does not support HDR, please change to a projector which

    • If the projector you use supports HDR, go to step 2.

2. Check if HDR can be detected through a direct connection between the
    projector and your video source without an AV receiver, HDMI splitter, or

    • If HDR can be detected, please contact the manufacturer of your source
      device for further investigation.   

    • If HDR still cannot be detected, please go to step 3.

3. Check whether the HDMI EDID setting on projector is switched to

    • If HDMI EDID is not at Enhanced, please switch it to Enhanced.

    • If HDR still cannot be detected even when HDMI EDID is at Enhanced,
      please contact BenQ with the following information for further

      - Settings of input source device and BenQ  

      - projector How devices and projector are connected

      - Model numbers of video source device

      - Cable length and material

      - Media platform of input source

      - Firmware version running on the projector

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