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Why does an error message "No supported monitor connected" show when the connection between PMU and my BenQ monitor fails? How can I fix this?


1. Remove all USB devices from the monitor, except the USB-C cable or USB upstream cable (USB Type-A to Type-B cable) and the calibrator that connects to your computer and the monitor.


2. Uninstall the current version of PMU and all other calibration programs

3. Refer to the following image and remove the FTDI driver if your OS is


4. Download the latest version of PMU from BenQ's official website and
    re-install the program

5. Key step: When installing PMU, directly connect the USB-C or USB
    upstream cable (USB Type-A to Type-B cable) to the monitor and your
    computer. Ensure all drivers are correctly installed before proceeding. 

6. Reboot your computer and open PMU to check if the software works.

7. If the error message persists, unplug and re-plug the USB upstream cable
    (USB Type-A to Type-B cable) or replace it with a new one.

8. If the error persists and your OS is Windows, please follow step 3 to
    uninstall the FTDI driver and re-install it. You can download it from BenQ's
    official website.

If the issue continues, please contact your BenQ local service center.

Problem description image: 

Applicable Models

SW240, SW270C, SW271C, SW321C, SW272U, SW272Q

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