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Why can't I switch to other color modes on my monitor when connected a Mac or Windows device and using Display Pilot software?


When the monitor receives an HDR (High Dynamic Range) signal, it will automatically switch to HDR mode for the best display performance, and the other color modes will be greyed out.

You may turn off HDR in the OS to switch the monitor to other color modes.

Please refer to these instructions for handling HDR in your OS.



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Applicable Models

Display Pilot, PD2725U, PD2720U, PD3220U, PD3420Q, PD2506Q, PD2500Q, PD2706UA, PD2705U, PD2705UA, PD2705Q, PD2700U, PD2700Q, PD3205U, PD3205UA, PD3200U, PD3200Q

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