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Is it possible to enable silence mode as default on projector?


Regarding your question on the silence mode, as your projector features a 4K UHD resolution (3840x2160), the silence mode of your projector is always set as Off by default upon start-up as we want you to always enjoy an immersive 4K cinematic viewing experience every time you use it to watch your favorite films.

This is the design concept behind the setting criteria. We also notice that some customers may have different viewing preferences with their 4K projectors; thus, we will take your valuable input into consideration for future product development, as this kind of customer insight will help us better understand our customer’s needs and drive BenQ as a brand toward excellence. Once again, thank you for sharing your user experience with us and in case you have any further comments or suggestions, here at BenQ your voice is always welcome. Thank you.

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