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FP581 : Acer's LCD Monitor that's very good on the eyes!

FP581 : Acer's LCD Monitor that's very good on the eyes!

Europe (30 August, 2001) Quality in image - and in design: that's a recurring request from our customers. And Acer's new high-end 15 inch LCD monitor, the FP581, combines superb design of the exterior (surely the best design on the market today) with exceptional image performance on the screen. It looks good - and it is great on the eyes when working with it. What's more, it's ultra-slim and weighs just 5.5 kg.

The performance of the FP581 is exceptional: it has a brightness of 250 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 350:1. It can process RGB input signals directly and supports up to 16.7 million colours. The maximum resolution is 1024 x 768 with 0.297 pixel patch. It is able to support a refresh rate up to 75Hz from 56Hz frame rate. The LCD monitor is also fitted with Auto Calibration that can adjust the phase, vertical and horizontal position automatically three times under each timing. What's more, thanks to Auto Phase, users can enjoy perfect image without even clicking the "i key".

The FP581 features a newly developed Acer technology: the smart panel. This allows this 15 inch flat-screen monitor to be even slimmer and lighter than ever before. It is just 202 mm in depth, thus saving considerable space on your desk.

Ergonomically, the FP581 offers a range of options to ensure that the display can be used in exactly the correct position under all circumstances. It has a swivel base, offering a 300-degree swivel function. In addition, it has a tilt base (-2 - 25 degrees), allowing the user to position the display at the most effective angle for each application. A wall-mounted universal arm is available, fitted with a simple slot that allows the screen to be pivoted upwards and downwards as required. And finally, the FP581 is equipped with a specially designed foldable base, allowing end-users to move their monitor when necessary.

Naturally, the FP581 offers plug-&-play and built-in speakers. And the power consumption is considerably less than that required by traditional CRT displays, thus generating less heat and increasing user comfort. It fully meets the new TCO'99 safety certificate in terms of legibility, image stability, emission, energy saving, safety and environmental issues.

The FP581 LCD Monitor sets the standard in design, quality, and user friendliness and safety. It is another example of our on-going determination to offer our customers what they require. We hear you.