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Acer Introduces ultra-slim, user-friendly 3 in 1, Digital Camera

Acer Introduces ultra-slim, user-friendly 3 in 1, Digital Camera

Europe (02 July 2001). Acer's new Digital Camera 300 (DC300) - which Acer Communications & Multimedia is introducing throughout Europe - answers customer requirements for a highly compact, light, and convenient-to-use camera for a very attractive price. The DC300 combines the features of a digital camera, video camera and PC camera. It is perfect for teenagers who know what is hot and mature users in search of convenience. The ideal "pick-up-and-go" companion whatever the photographic needs. The DC300 offers exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

The Acer DC300 is very compact - just 88.4 mm x 57.4 mm and an ultra-thin 18.4 mm. It slips easily into a pocket, ready for instant use. It is a multifunctional camera - up to 640 X 480 pixels in still mode, and 176 X 144 pixels in motion mode - with integrated self-timer, flash, and Macro lens, offering focus from 0.6 mm to infinity. Its electronic shutter offers speeds between 1/10 ~ 1/15750. It has 8MB on-board memory, offering storage up to 128 pictures, and a refresh rate of up to 30 frames per second in PC mode. The LCD display gives the user all the necessary information needed, including picture counter, picture remain, battery status, self-timer status, and so on. And yet, despite all these features, the DC300 weighs just an incredible 75g (excluding batteries).

Acer's new DC300 can be easily connected to a PC allowing full digital manipulation of images on the PC. It requires Windows 98/ME or Windows 2000, a Pentium MMX or above, 32 MB RAM or more, 200 MB hard-drive space, a CD-ROM driver, and a USB port. It is comes complete with all necessary software, including Twain, Mr. Photo (electronic album), It's Me (3D figure animation software), VideoWorks (video image capture application), and Photo Designer, and with all necessary cables and instruction manuals.

Using the USB cable to connect to a PC or notebook, videoconferencing software provides the ability to accompany on-line discussions with video.

The DC300 is a perfect example of Acer's on-going determination to provide innovative products that answer needs arising from the market. The digital camera offers a cost-conscious approach, without making any concessions to quality, and strives for simplicity. We hear what our customers say - and we provide the solutions that they need.