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Acer Launches the High Speed CD-RW 2010A, with Seamless Link, for Summer 2001

Acer Launches the High Speed CD-RW 2010A, with Seamless Link, for Summer 2001

Acer Communications & Multimedia, one of the world leaders in Storage Business, introduces a new Acer series of sophisticated products featuring its patented "Seamless Link" technology. This new technology eliminates problems caused by buffer under-run, a problem that has always plagued CD-RW drives used with unstable PCs or bad quality media. Now that problem has been solved! The new series - featuring the top-of-the-range Acer CD-RW 2010A with 20x write and 10x re-write and 40x read performance, make it possible to burn a full capacity 650Mb disk in 3.7mins! - ensures excellent quality and efficient burning at high speeds.

The new Acer series of "Seamless Link" CD-RW drives offers three models: the Acer CRW 1832A, offering 10x write and 8x re-write and 32x read; the Acer CRW 1208A, offering 12x write and 8x re-write and 32x read; and top-of-the-range CRW 2010A, offering 20x write and 10x re-write and 40x read. All three drives feature a 2 Mb buffer; flash memory (upgradeable); E-IDE / ATAPI Interface; Anti-Vibration system; Play / Skip function buttons on the front panel; emergency eject; dust protection design; power-saving function; and popular recording software (Ahead Nero). All drives are Windows 2000 / 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 compatible. They all function well on conventional disc sizes and formats.

CD-RWs featuring Acer "Seamless Link" technology provide the best way of solving buffer under-run problems on the market today. Alternative solutions - such as increasing the size of the buffer, allowing a larger accumulation of data - helping reduce the frequency of buffer under-run, but providing no solution if they did occur. The only option open to the user was to throw away the disc and start again.

"Seamless Link" A buffer under-run is one of the most irritating problems that can occur when burning a CD. Not only does it waste time, it also wastes discs. But with "Seamless Link", this problem is solved. The Acer-developed "Seamless Link" technology allows the driver to monitor automatically the progress of the recording. If the data in the buffer falls below a certain level, then Seamless Link stores the RecEnd address - the point in the data to which the recording has progressed - and pauses the recording until the buffer is again full. The RecEnd address is then located and the recording progresses without problems. The gap between the stop and restart point on the recording is then closed by Seamless Link.