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Acer Imaging presents the best in scanners

Acer Imaging presents the best in scanners

Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe's Imaging Business Unit is unveiling a number of exciting new imaging products at this year's CeBIT. These include the MFP 610 - an 8-in-1 scanner, printer, colour copier, black copier, fax, email, scan-to-web, and OCR; the 5300u - the first real 48-bit colour scanner for the home user market; and the DC300 - a high-quality, compact, low-end digital camera.

It is always Acer's aim to hear what customers are saying and to provide high-quality solutions to their existing needs. Many customers have been asking for a high-quality, compact scanner that can do a lot more than simply scan. And now Acer - already recognise as one of the leading suppliers of scanner technology today - has produced a revolutionary new all-in-one digital input and output centre for small space, home use. The MFP 610 is a truly versatile, compact tool for handling all your scanning, input, transmission, and printing needs. It is simple to use - offering a truly intuitive interface - and can help increase productivity in even the smallest office.

The flatbed scanner offers 36-bit colour scanning, an optical resolution of 600 dpi x 1200 dpi, and a maximum resolution of 19200 dpi x 19200 dpi. It is TWAIN compliant. The printer - a dual-head colour inkjet printer - offers three print modes - draft (300 dpi x 600 dpi), normal (600 dpi x 600 dpi), and best (1200 dpi x 1200 dpi). It can print both black and white (6 PPM) and colour (3 PPM) copies. It has an input tray for 100 sheets of plain paper. The copier offers the choice between colour and black and white, and has four processing methods - draft, fast, normal, and best. It offers scaling between 25% and 400%, with increments of 1% and provides 9-level brightness.

All this is packed into a single centre, measuring just 451mm x 334mm x 270 mm and weighing just 7.25 kg. It has a Universal Serial Bus interface and is IBM PC compatible, supporting both Windows 98 and Windows 2000. Acer also offers a basic version, the MFP 510.

The Acer 5300u Scanner - the first 48-colour output scanner for the home user on the market - has been designed for ease of use. Its special interface has been carefully designed to put all functions under just five push buttons. What's more, it's fun to use as well! With its optional sound card it can really give you music while it works!

But despite its fun-to-use, the 5300u is a very serious piece of equipment indeed. It offers high resolution scanning - 1200 dpi optical resolution and 48-bit colour - and can scan directly to Palm or Palm OS compatible PDAs. Its push buttons allow direct Scan to Web, Scan to Palm, OCR, Scan, and Copy. It has a USB interface, and supports Windows 98/ ME and Windows 2000. Despite it versatility and high-quality results, the 5300u is the most compact scanner on the market today.

Acer's Imaging BU is also introducing a second-generation Digital Camera - the DC300. This pocket-sized camera can be used as a PC camera (web-cam), video camera, still camera, and TV camera. It has been designed to offer top quality results for low-end users. The image resolution is 640x 480 pixels in still mode, and between 176x144 and 640x480 pixels in motion mode. An LCD control panel provides all user information and the 8MB on-board memory allows at least 95 pictures to be stored. The refresh rate is up to 30 frames per second in both PC and TV modes. It supports Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000.

The DC300 marks a new departure for Acer - the result of listening very carefully to the needs of customers.

Acer's dedication to providing leading technology solutions to changing user needs is at the heart of the company's product and service philosophy. We hear what our customers say. And provide products that fully answer their needs.

All these new products - and the full range of existing imaging products - can be seen at Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe, CeBIT Hall 12, Stand D30.