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Acer introduces new products for getting the message across

Acer introduces new products for getting the message across

Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe's Digital Display Business Unit will be introducing a number of powerfully clear products at this year's CeBIT. These include a small, compact, yet powerful projector and a very large plasma screen. Both of these new, high-quality products ensure that your message will come across in crystal-clear, sharp colours.

Customers have frequently told us how they need a small, compact, quiet projector that they can easily carry around with them. Our new SL700 S/X is as compact as we can make a projector and weighs just 1.4 kg. Yet it provides the sort of professional images that make a presentation all that more convincing and professional. It is extremely portable and very easy to use, thanks to the I-2-3-step hot-keys. Simply press "Power on" to start the projector. Press "Auto" for optimal image. And adjust "Keystone" to eliminate distortion. That's all there is to it. So that you can spend more time concentrating on your presentation - not on your projector!

Another demand our customers made was for large images in cramped spaces. Acer heard you. And the SL700 S/X, thanks to a special wide-angle lens, can produce a 60" picture (diagonal) at a distance of just 2 metres. In larger rooms and conference halls it is capable of producing a picture with a diagonal of a staggering 300". And thanks to a dazzling 1000 lumens, it always give bright, sharp, colourful images. All this is further made possible by the revolutionary Acer DLP® Technology, that delivers seamless picture quality by eliminating the gaps that occur with other LCD screens.

User convenience is enhanced thanks to an ultra-thin card type remote control and one-touch auto compatibility, ensuring that images from different sources are projected at the best possible setting - automatically! It offers - of course - zoom capabilities, freeze, and back-lit buttons that make it much easier to operate in a darkened room.

Despite the power of the SL700 S/X, it is extremely small and compact, weighing just 1.4 kg. It also features smart cooling fans that automatically adjust the speed to offer greater cooling efficiency at a barely noticeable 35dB.

Acer is also introducing a 42-inch 16:9 plasma screen. Slim (10.6cm) and light (34kg), with a wide viewing angle multi-function and flat panel display, this has justifiably been referred to as a work of art - not only because of its design, but more especially because of the crystal-clear images and sharp colours.

Acer's dedication to providing leading technology solutions to changing user needs is at the heart of the company's product and service philosophy. We hear what our customers say. And provide products that fully answer their needs.

All these new products - and the full range of existing digital display products - can be seen at Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe, CeBIT Hall 12, Stand D30.