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New film scanner gets rid of scratches and dust

New film scanner gets rid of scratches and dust

Acer Communications & Multimedia (Acer CM) has been successfully committed to the Digital Imaging business for a long time by providing the market with a wide range of products. Acer CM is determined to expand its market share and is introducing the new film scanner Acer ScanWit 2740S, which is equipped with the new ICE™ technology, which supports automatic detection and removal of aberrations.

The Acer ScanWit 2740S is a high-end film scanner which uses its integrated Digital ICE™ (Image Correction and Enhancement) technology to remove defects, such as scratches, fingerprints and dust, sometimes found on negatives and slides, without in any way affecting image quality.

The ScanWit 2740S can capture even the finest of details at an optical resolution of 2700 dpi. The unique Advanced Colour Enhancement software technology provides scans at a 48-bit colour depth allowing the scanner to guarantee a wide dynamic range and colour representation. This film scanner only takes 40 seconds to scan a colour frame at 2700 dpi. That’s why it’s one of the fastest scanners of its kind. Time and again the scanner produces scans of exceptional quality with perfect efficiency.

The ScanWit 2740S has also been designed to incorporate ‘Advanced zero-reflection optical design’. This technology has been developed to preserve the image definition without distortion in the scan image. Like all other Acer scanners this film scanner also uses CCD technology.

ScanWit simplifies the scanning process with an autoloading mechanism enabling users to scan multiple frames with a single mouse click . Before starting the scan job, users can also preview scanned image frames. It couldn’t be easier: films are scanned at the press of a single button. The scanner is supplied with 35mm positive and 35mm negative image frames. The device utilises a 3-channel ASIC and A/D converter in its hardware design to register RGB colours simultaneously for the most precise and accurate colour performance.

The ScanWit 2740S is equipped with the following bundled software: Mira Photodriver, Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 LE, an HTML manual and Ulead PhotoExpress.

Adding this together makes the new ScanWit affordable, efficient, extremely user-friendly and without a doubt worthy of its excellent high-quality reputation. Acer CM is convinced that it will succeed in the high-end scanner market with the launch of this film scanner. The company is determined to continue to offer advanced imaging products in the future, which meet its standards in terms of user-friendliness and quality. That is why Acer CM will continue to achieve its goal by working towards becoming a total image solution provider for all categories of user.