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High-Speed and Portable Storage Solutions

High-Speed and Portable Storage Solutions

Acer Communications & Multimedia brings out new products:

- Portable DVD player for notebooks
- CD-ROM breaks through 50x boundary
- Acer CM’s 12x ReWriter

Watching a movie on your notebook is now possible with the new, portable DVD-player of Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe (Acer CM Europe). Because of its PCMCIA-card you can attach the Slim DVD SDV 8032EP to every notebook. The small device is an 8x DVD-ROM (10.800 Kb) and a 32x CD-ROM, which is very convenient if you don’t have a CD-ROM player in your notebook. The DVD-player installs software very fast and can copy large amounts of data. If a CD-ROM-player is available, the DVD player can be a convenient extra. Besides movies, you can show videos, play games and use it to listen to music. This new DVD-player is provided with WinDVD 2000 of InterVideo. Altogether a strong package that shows impressive pictures wherever you want, whenever you want.

52x CD-ROM DRIVEAcer CM's new CD-ROM 652P is incredibly fast. The 52x CD-ROM-player can process 7800 Kb per second. Moreover it is stable, very quiet and all current media can be played on it. What makes this device extra attractive is the digital audio extraction, which is so good that you can transfer sound directly (on the fly) from the CD-ROM to a rewritable or recordable cd at 10x guaranteed.

HIGH-SPEED STORAGE WITH STABLE CD-WRITERAcer CM Europe's CRW 1208A offers the latest in CD-RW quality and performance. It is a 12x writer, 8x rewriter and a 32x reader. The internal buffer size is 4 MB and the Flash Memory allows you to download new updates from the Internet. The CRW 1208A can be used with practically any computer system. CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, photograph-CD, CD-ROM XA, CD-DA, etc, can all be burned thanks to the incorporated anti-vibration system. The writer comes with Ahead's popular Nero Burning ROM software version and Ahead Incd version 1.2.164.