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Two new projectors - Flexibility has no limit.

Two new projectors - Flexibility has no limit.

Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe (Acer CM Europe) is introducing two new projectors for home and the office. Both models are super light, streamlined, flexible and easy to use.

The two new projectors from Acer CM Europe have a light output of 1100 ANSI Lumen, weigh only 2.3 kg and are fully streamlined. The only difference between the two is that the 7763PA has a standard resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and the 7765PA one of 1024 x 768 pixels. Both emit a sharp and extremely bright picture.For both projectors the image sharpness is supported by DLP® Technology developed by Texas instruments - a method, which produces a very detailed picture. This remains the case even if you place the projector at a distance of five meters from the projection screen or if you zoom in on specific details (using the I-Zoom button you can magnify pictures up to 32 times). Even then it is hardly possible to distinguish individual pixels and the light distribution is even across the whole of the screen.

Watching television
The two models are at their best when they are connected to PlayStation 2, video or DVD using the special AV-Box thereby enabling you to have your own home cinema. The AV-Box allows the projectors to be connected to virtually any device, which has a standard AV output. Using the optional Tuner Box it is even possible to project (cable) television!

But the projectors are not only suitable for entertainment. They are also quite outstanding in a business environment. Thanks to their low weight of only 2.3 kg you can easily take them with you in the accompanying, luxury carry bag if you have to get out of the office to give a presentation. What is more you do not have to manually set up the projectors. The I-Scan function ensures that the projector automatically finds the frequency of the computer to which it is connected. This avoids unnecessary searching and saves a great deal of time.Apart from all of these advantages, both projectors are very easy to use and are impressive in appearance. The machines have a modern magnesium coloured housing which means they will definitely not be out of place in a modern conference room.