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Projector VP110X - Super brightness in the office

Projector VP110X - Super brightness in the office

Greater and greater requirements are made on presentations in the work environment. Consequently a projector must work effectively in an environment without the benefit of blackouts, the machine must be easy to move and the pictures must be razor-sharp and full of detail. With the launch of the VP110X, Acer Communications & Multimedia Europe (Acer CM Europe) will meet these requirements.

Even in a well lit working environment, this data projector is able to do its job providing a light output of 1400 ANSI Lumen. The lamp is in fact so strong that it is not necessary to provide black outs to still achieve a beautifully sharp picture. Apart from the fact that you can now see what you are writing down during the presentation, it is also easier to remain in an illuminated environment during the lecture.

The VP110X is an XGA projector (1024 x 768 pixels), but has a maximum resolution of SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels). The picture remains super sharp and detailed. Even if you are projecting from 12 meters, the VP110X still provides an excellent picture of a fantastic 300 inch (762 cm) diagonal.

The VP110X can be used in combination with a PC, notebook, MAC, V8 camcorder, DVD player, video CD or VCR. The machine projects both moving and still pictures and is able to magnify details up to ten times.If you wish to examine one specific image more closely from a movie film, you can freeze that image without it shaking. Moreover specific parts of a picture can be temporarily masked so that the viewer is able to concentrate on the most important part.

Another nice facility when giving a presentation is the Objective Display Camera. This small camera mounted on the back of the projector can, for example, immediately project everything that you scribble down on to a sheet of paper. This allows any notes that are made to be immediately available for everyone to read. The VP110X is therefore a projector, which provides everything in house to make an impression.