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BenQ Poised to Amaze with Innovative Applications, Technology, Projectors at InfoComm 2009

BenQ Poised to Amaze with Innovative Applications, Technology, Projectors at InfoComm 2009

New LED, Short-Throw, High-Brightness 1080p, Image Morphing Projectors

IRVINE, CA, June 5, 2009 – A regular fixture at the annual InfoComm professional AV information communication event, BenQ is again poised to unveil technology and applications that will distinguish it from the competition – this time from among the more than 30,000 companies expected to participate June 17-19 at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, FL.  Highlighting BenQ’s presence at the Starin Marketing, Inc. booth (#4417) will be innovative usage scenarios made possible by new BenQ projector models, never-before-possible affordability, and collaboration with other industry-leading providers.

W30000 LED Home Cinema 1080p Projector
Targeting high-end home cinema, the W30000 combines Full HD 1080p sophisticated cinema performance with the unparalleled advantages of progressive LED technology.  Among the world’s first to launch an LED projector lineup that includes luxury home cinema, BenQ raises theater ‘wow’ to a new level of immersion:  an unrivaled 128% NTSC color gamut (compared to the average 55%-80% NTSC of most projectors) complemented by an extreme 100,000:1 contrast ratio underlies exquisite picture quality and razor-sharp definition.  LED-produced images are bolder and more deeply saturated across a broader color gamut, which means the W30000 is able to generate vastly more distinct colors, with each color being extraordinarily richer and more vibrant than conventional projectors.  LED also affords 20,000 hours of projection lighting; coupled with BenQ’s filter-free DLP design for flawless, never-fade color accuracy, the W30000 provides a near lifetime of enjoyment.  Cinematic quality is further supported by BrilliantColor®, DynamicBlack®, 600AL, and Hollywood Quality Video (HQV®).  Using Imaging Science Foundation™ calibration standards (ISFccc), each W30000 can be fine-tuned to its unique environment to ensure optimal video performance of various preset applications.  Panamorph Lens compatibility further lets users fully duplicate the theater experience with a true widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

World’s First Fully-Integrated 3D AV System for Education
BenQ will also debut at InfoComm the BenQ 3D AVRover 3DSVS24, the first-fully integrated mobile 3D multimedia system for school use.  A collaborative innovation between BenQ and AVRover (renowned maker of integrated education AV systems), the BenQ 3DSVS24 incorporates all the key components required to easily, economically, and portably present 3D classroom instruction:  a BenQ XGA 3D projector, a complete 25W mixer/amplifier with 270o three-speaker system, custom-built 3D PC, DVD/VHS player, and up to 24 serially-marked stereoscopic eyewear.  An onboard lockbox houses a UV light sanitation station.   BenQ’s progressive 3D technology will be highlighted using the MP772 ST 2500-lumen short-throw projector, which will further be distinguished from the competition by exclusive advancements including SmoothTransition® software for seamless switching between 2D and 3D content; auto 3D mode upon power-up; and Creston® RoomView® Local Area Network (LAN) asset management software.  3D application is the latest frontier in education instruction, elevating learning to a new dimension that provides true-to-life experiences right in the classroom.  Students can better visualize and therefore comprehend concepts like geometry, molecular bond formation, anatomy, and history like never before.

MP776 ST Ultra Short-Throw with Crestron RoomView®
Sporting a 0.6 throw ratio that projects an 81” big-screen view from just 3.3 feet away, the MP776 ST will debut as BenQ’s new ultra short-throw model, replacing last year’s MP771.  In addition to proprietary engineering advancements, what further will distinguish the MP776 ST from among competitors is leading-edge Crestron® RoomView® LAN asset management software, which will debut exclusively on BenQ projectors.  Institutions equipped with MP776 ST units on a Crestron network will be able to manage and control in real-time up to 250 projectors plus all other AV devices such as screens, curtains, lighting, etc.  Beyond the basic functions of other networking software, RoomView offers drastically enhanced features: from a single station, users can either individually control or as a group dictate the operation and status of all networked MP776 ST projectors such as projector presence, power status, lamp life, and remote IT assistance.  In a widespread setting, such as in a university or large corporation compound, RoomView plus BenQ deliver an affordable, comprehensive, and feature-rich network solution unmatched by other providers.


W6000 Ultra-Bright 1080p DLP Projector for Home Theater & Conference
Characterized by native 1080p resolution and dual-purpose functionality, the new W6000 DLP projector finds its niche in affordable home theater applications and large conference room venues.  For home entertainment, the W6000 employs high-end technologies including VIDI®, DynamicBlack, BrilliantColor, ISFccc, exclusive 3D Color Management, and an exceptional 50,000:1 high contrast ratio to render intense movie action and complex scenes in dazzling detail, vibrant colors, deeper black levels, and blur-free smooth video.  Plus, the high-brightness 2500AL enables movie enjoyment without the need for blackout conditions.    When it comes to multi-content business use, the W6000 performs just as brilliantly:  1920x1080 widescreen amps productivity with the ability to display two full pages side-by-side; native Full HD resolution delivers true 1080p video for corporate presentations; ultra-high contrast ratio ensures crisp detail even in the most data-intense charts and tables. Versatility and convenience are via dual HDMI 1.3 ports, which allow for pure digital connection and easy hookup to HD equipment.


SP920P Dual Lamp Projection Partners with coolux Morphing Technology
The BenQ SP920P is quintessential of BenQ’s world-renowned reputation for innovation that brings enjoyment and quality to life.  The SP920P will not only impress with its specifications – 6000AL, a dual lamp system, VIDI, BrilliantColor, Creston Certification, and 2000:1 contrast ratio – but with its singular ability to transform the latest progressive morphing technology into a very, very affordable public display solution.  In the past, projectors costing $150,000+ were needed in conjunction with coolux’s® highly advanced morphing software when projecting large, complex public displays like 360o domes, spheres, and unconventional forms for concerts, museums, staging, and more.  Now, users have a much more cost-effective option: the BenQ SP920P.  Wholly and infinitely capable of the exact jaw-dropping shaping, blending, and warping of video and pictures as high-priced specialty models, the SP920P costs only $4499 MSRP and works equally well with coolux software.  The SP920P exemplifies how innovative BenQ engineering keeps projection possibilities lookin’ great…and affordable.