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BenQ MP723 Delivers Superior Image Quality to Classrooms

BenQ MP723 Delivers Superior Image Quality to Classrooms


Equipped with BrilliantColor™, UNISHAPE, 3D Color Management, and Wall Color Correction Technology, BenQ Projectors leads the industry in image quality

IRVINE, CA, October 30, 2007 – BenQ today announces the launch of BenQ MP723 digital projector, offering a complete solution for a wide range of applications from meeting rooms to classrooms withi ts seamless combination of leading projection technologies and an array of thoughtful features. Equipped with a high 3300 ANSI lumens and various leading technologies, including BrilliantColor™, UNISHAPE, 3D Color Management and Wall Color Correction Technology, the BenQ MP723 delivers superior image quality. The BenQ MP723 also features an elegant midnight black high gloss and leather mixed surface with a detachable key pad aesthetic design, which is ideal for making presentations.

BenQ is able to deliver high image quality due to its many leading technologies. The Texas Intruments’ BrilliantColor™ Technology is a cutting-edge technology that increases  up to 50% brightness of midtone colors, resulting in highly saturated images. Featuring UNISHAPE lamp lighting technology, the MP723 is able to vary the intensity of the projector lamp in synchronization with its digital mirror device (DMD) and color wheel, allowing an increase of 40% in brightness and boosts specific colors in different application modes. The 3D Color Management and Wall Color Correction Technology ensures consistency in colors, so that it reflects colors in its true form. 

Apart from offering high brightness and brilliant image quality, the BenQ MP723 provides high reliability and ease of use.  The BenQ MP723 comes equipped with a detachable key pad and a new intelligent lamp protection system. The detachable key pad allows consumers to easily secure the projector. The Lamp Care function, a new intelligent lamp protection system, eliminates the possibilities of overheating and light bulb damage when the projector is turning on and off frequently within a short period of time. When making restarts, the projector automatically detects if the lamp temperature is cool enough to be restarted. If the lamp is not cool enough, the system will then activate the pre-cooling system before making restarts. With Lamp Care, the light bulb is protected from overheating and damage, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free presentation experience.

The BenQ MP723 is very easy to use because of its top access lamp door design that is convenient for lamp replacement and maintenance. The Splash Screen Lock and MyScreen function allows easy customization, so that users can capture company logos or favorite photos as splash screen and lock it. Other thoughtful features include Quick Auto Search and Power On/Off Tone and a Presentation Timer. The Quick Auto Search allows fast source connections so that there is no waiting period. The Power On/Off Tone signals the status of the projector whereas the Presentation Timer effectively assists the user in keeping track of the time, so that presentations always end on time. The BenQ MP723 is outfitted with a combination of high quality imaging technology and thoughtful features that assist users in making effective presentations.

The BenQ MP723 will be available worldwide in November.

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