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Enhance Windows Vista experience on BenQ LCD monitors!

Enhance Windows Vista experience on BenQ LCD monitors!


All LCD monitor made by BenQ from 2007 are certified for Windows Vista. Computer users can enjoy optimized Windows Vista experience with BenQ LCD monitors!

Windows Vista creates huge impact on the entire IT industry. It's expected that users will make additional upgrades to their computer hardware to run the system smoothly. LCD monitors will definitely be on the shopping list for enhancing entertainment and productivity.

LCD monitor market influenced by Windows Vista

Accelerated demand of LCD Display
Windows Vista creates great demand of system upgrades from computer users. Customers will look for LCD monitors certified by Windows Vista.

Widescreen becomes mainstream
Windows Vista is designed to support wide-screen monitor displays for enhanced multimedia features. With bigger size wide screen display, users can be benefited by new features such as Windows Sidebar and gadgets.

Size matters
Windows Vista's core entertainment features, such as TV, movie, and gaming will result users to opt for larger sized displays. 19", 20" and 22" will be the main choices when consumers consider system upgrade for Windows Vista.

Growing Demand in HDMI Interface
Windows Vista interface elements require high quality display and entertainment features are emphasized. Therefore customers are keen on high quality display solutions. It's expected that monitors equipped with HDMI interface will become more popular in 2007.

Why choosing BenQ LCD monitors for Windows Vista?

For home entertainment or work environment, BenQ LCD monitor can provide performance and features that are designed to facilitate the Windows Vista experience!

1. All models are Vista optimized
From 2007, all BenQ LCD monitor models are certified for Windows Vista, which ensures reliability, stability, security and proper installation

2. Full collection of wide screen models
From 19" to 24", there are more than 10 models* available for customers for different digital lifestyles. 

3. High performance models for ultimate experience:
BenQ offers high performance models with HDMI input to fulfill customers looking for great entertainment experience and ultimate visual effects of new Windows Vista user interface elements. They are all certified for Windows Vista Premium standard, which means best-in-class performance. 

* Model availability varies by country

BenQ LCD monitor with Vista Basic and Premium logo

  Basic Logo Premium logo
Product with this logo Works well with Windows Vista, no stability or installation problem. Meets high-quality standards of specific technical requirement, feature and deliver a superior user experience.
Feature requirements 1. Display device implements the EDID (Extend Display Identification Date) - most of the monitor are available in the market already have this data format inside which using for support the Microsoft plug and play definition.

2. Peripheral and integrated display
supports the VGA resolution 640 x 480
on all available connectors

3. basic audio support 

1. Digital input

2. Windows Color Fidelity DDC/CI
(Display Data Channel Command
Interface) -Through DDC/CI support,
user can use appropriate software to
adjust the monitor instead of using the
limited monitor control keys.

3. HDCP - “digital link protection” on all digital inputs


All BenQ models made by BenQ from 2007 are receiving Vista Basic logos:

FP222W, FP222W a, FP202W, FP51G, FP71G+. FP71G+u, FP72E, FP72E S, FP73E, FP73E S, FP73G, FP73G S, FP75G, FP91G+, FP91G+u, FP91R, FP92E, FP92E S, FP92V, FP92W, FP92W a, FP93E, FP93E S, FP93G, FP93G P, FP93G S, FP93G X, FP93G X+, FP93V, FP93V+, FP93VW, FP92G, T505, T705,T90X

FP241W, FP241W Z, FP241VW, FP94VW and FP222W H