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TCO Development showcases the BenQ FP73G & FP93G LCD Monitors

TCO Development showcases the BenQ FP73G & FP93G LCD Monitors


BenQ Releases Ultra-slim Ultra Fast TCO'03 Displays

Digital lifestyle product company BenQ has unveiled its latest TCO'03 designs on the US market - the FP 93G and FP 73G flat panel displays. Features of these new displays include a super slim design and rapid response times - both products are well suited to professional environments in health care, finance, research and communications where demands on visual quality and space conservation are high.

Thomas Han, VP of Display Division at BenQ America Corp. comments on the TCO features in the new products: "BenQ prides itself on its eco-friendly products, and both the FP73G and FP93G are TCO'03 compliant under the visual / workload ergonomics, emissions, electrical safety, energy and ecology guidelines. This means our customers get a clearer picture with better color reproduction, lower energy consumption and magnetic fields".

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