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BenQ Unveils SolidBurn Technology

BenQ Unveils SolidBurn Technology

SolidBurn delivers optimal writing conditions for any recordable DVD media and makes over-speed burning possible

Taipei, Taiwan August 15, 2005 – BenQ today introduces SolidBurn Technology, a proprietary technology that ensures optimal writing conditions for any recordable DVD+/-R media. Additionally, this advanced technology allows enhanced over-speed burning 4x or 8x DVD+/-R media at 8x or higher speeds.

SolidBurn Technology addresses the age old dilemma of disc compatibility versus burning quality. While many drive manufacturers require users to frequent firmware updates in order to ensure compatibility with new discs, the BenQ Solid Burn Technology uses a sophisticated self-learning writing strategy algorithm that eliminates the need for frequent firmware downloads.

"BenQ has created a breakthrough technology that significantly reduces the compatibility bottleneck for discs from different manufacturers, and therefore, ensures solid writing quality," said Alpha Tsai, BenQ Vice-President of Storage Division, Computing Products Business Group. “In addition, SolidBurn Technology allows over-speed burning 4x or 8x DVD+/-R media at 8x or higher speeds.”

Optimal Writing Strategy

BenQ SolidBurn Technology executes a series of tests that determine the optimal writing strategy for DVD media of “unknown” quality.

Because the optimal writing strategy for a drive is dependent on the specific characteristics of the disc, it is inevitable that the media support table written in the drives firmware will need to be periodically updated to include new media. Previously, when a drive tried to write to any unknown DVD media, a less optimal “standard” writing strategy was used. This often resulted in lower recording speeds than specified, and inferior recording quality.

Now, a drive with BenQ SolidBurn applies its own self learning writing strategy algorithm to allow unknown DVD media to be written with increased quality. There is no longer a need for the users to constantly update the media support list in their DVD drive, as the drive itself ensures it uses the best writing quality on all DVD media.

SolidBurn Technology also allows enhanced over-speed burning quality. Utilizing the latest BenQ QSuite 2.0 tool, users can choose to activate/deactivate the drive’s over-speed burning function at their discretion.

Currently, the BenQ products with embedded SolidBurn Technology include DW1640  and EW164B.