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BenQ 16X DVD+R Media: Delivering Speed, Accuracy, and Security

BenQ 16X DVD+R Media: Delivering Speed, Accuracy, and Security


Europe, 23rd of September, 2004 – BenQ today has unveiled the BenQ 16X DVD+R media, boasting not only the ultimate speed, but also accuracy and security.  

The picture quality of DVD recordable is determined by the PI value of the disc. Simply stated, it is the error rate from the original video to the copy. If the PI value is too high, there will be mosaic-like distortion or even frozen frame. You will get bad picture and sound quality. PicFect™ technology is developed by BenQ Optical Media Lab to minimize the PI value for a perfect picture quality. That is why BenQ DVD media can offer the best picture and sound quality for your enjoyment.

DVD is so much more delicate than CD media. With the experience of DataGuard technology for CD media, BenQ Optical Media Lab has once again unveiled DataGuard X™ technology, which is a data protection technology designed especially for DVD media. This ground-breaking technology integrates:

Silver-alloy reflective layer: BenQ DVD’s silver-alloy is optimized with noble metals such as platinum, which can effectively prevent the reflective layer from oxidization and corruption.  

Enhanced recording layer: A unique formula is developed by BenQ DVD media to enhance the recording layer in light resistance and the chemical chrematistics. Besides better data protection, enhanced recording layer also features wide power margin, which offers superb compatibility with different writing speeds.  

Anti-UV strengthened substrate: The substrate for BenQ DVD media is purified and vacuum dried for the most robust quality. This anti-UV strengthened substrate can stay in shape under heat, humidity and sunlight, which provides the strongest protection for the digital data stored inside.

Seamless bonding technology: One of the crucial factors that affect the longevity of DVD media is the bonding technology.  If there are bubbles between two substrates, then the DVD is easily corrupted or even separated, which means an irrevocable data loss.  The seamless bonding technology, also called “Bubble Buster” technology, can effectively minimize bubble in DVD media. 

With the 16X ultimate recording speed, the vivid picture brought by PicFect™ technology and the comprehensive protection from DataGuard X™ technology, BenQ 16X DVD+R offers you all the things you want in DVD blank media.