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The Joybee that goes with whatever you’ve got on, BenQ Joybee 180

The Joybee that goes with whatever you’ve got on, BenQ Joybee 180


Europe 8th of September, 2004 – BenQ proudly announces the Joybee 180. Combining sleek design and easy functionality, the BenQ Joybee 180 exemplifies the BenQ’s product line of MP3 players. With the exchangeable color shells belts: modern gray, pop art and dance beat shells you can dress up your Joybee each day to suit your whims and lift your mood.

The Joybee 180 comes with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) display screen and plays your favorite tunes for up to 14 hours on a single charge.

Furthermore, the Joybee 180 can use an FM transmitter to wirelessly broadcast music, enabling you to share music with friends wirelessly over an FM channel. Your friends can tune a car stereo or portable music player with FM receiver to the Joybee 180’s FM channel to enjoy the music you chose. Who said listening to a digital audio player had to be a solitary pleasure?*

*FM wired remote is optional. FM transmissions are limited in range. As the laws in some countries prohibit public use of FM channels, this function is available only in regions where the FM frequency spectrum is open for public use.

Move to the beat, draw the looks with the Joybee 180.