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BenQ's SUPER 16 online game puts fans on the field with own football team


BenQ's SUPER 16 online game puts fans on the field with own football team



Europe, 2nd of June, 2004 – BenQ, an Official Information Technology Partner for UEFA EURO 2004™, today launched a dynamic new online football game which pits players around the globe against each other.  BenQ Super 16 puts fans in charge of their own football teams and their own destinies.  Players must work through a series of challenges to build their teams’ conditioning and then take on competitors from around the world.  Prizes include cutting-edge BenQ products, such as the Joybook series laptops and even tickets to the UEFA EURO 2004™ Semi Finals and Final.

“BenQ is about making information technology more enjoyable,” said Jerry Wang, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, BenQ. “Through this one-of-a-kind game, BenQ helps people to transcend boundaries to share the excitement of the game of football.”

After registering at, players can choose their team strip – either BenQ or national colors.  The next step to global domination is to strengthen the various attributes of the character that represents the team.  Players face challenges in five areas:  Fitness, Skills, Nutrition, Publicity and Leisure.  Once team managers are confident in their teams’ abilities, it’s time to put their skills to the test. 

Matches with players from around the world happen regularly, and all players can watch replays of their victories (if they’ve trained well), or possibly, their defeats (if they’ve let training slide).  Players can check their teams’ status at any time on the BenQ Super 16 leader board.  But remember – like any successful team, you have to maintain your training regimen in order to be on top at the end!

To build their skills, players must display aptitude in the following five categories:

  • Fitness – Dribble the ball through an obstacle course.  How many times can you complete the course in the allocated time?
  • Skills – Bounce the ball on your head.  How many times can you bounce the ball without dropping it?  The speed of the ball will progressively get faster…
  • Nutrition – Catch different foods in your character’s mouth.  The more vegetables and fruit you eat, the better your health. 
  • Publicity – Time to pose for the camera!  Try and get a matching face and body to complete the picture for a high score.
  • Leisure – Control your character’s dance moves to ensure you keep to the beat.

BenQ Super 16 is available in nine languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. 

Get your gear ready and join us at!