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BenQ Launches a New Generation of Stylish Scanners

BenQ Launches a New Generation of Stylish Scanners


Europe, 22nd of April, 2004 – BenQ announces the release of five new scanners, the 5150C, 5000, 5550, 6550T and 7550T. Following the heels of the BenQ 5250C, these five new models continue BenQ’s tradition of bringing consumers stylish scanners, with great functionality.

A new addition to BenQ’s CIS series scanner family, the BenQ 5150C scanner is ideal for the design conscious and discerning user, whether at home, work or school. Providing 1200 dpi resolution scans with 48-bit colors, easy compatibility with your notebook or PC and a USB connection that doubles as the power cord, the BenQ 5150C also features a sleek and contemporary exterior that is perfect for any modern home or office décor.

The new 1200 dpi capable 5000 and 5550 Flatbed scanners deliver high performance scanning quality at high speed. The Three Easy Scan Button design makes it even more straightforward enabling you to easily Scan to File, Scan to E-mail, Scan to Copy with just one click.

For the new additions to BenQ’s CCD series scanner family, the 1200 dpi capable 6550T and 2400dpi capable 7550T scanners sport an array of great features, including the innovative Auto Recognition Transparency (ART) Adaptor. ART automatically detects film and slides formats and applies the appropriate settings for enhanced scanning convenience. For your older pictures that have faded over the years, the 6550T and 7550T can help you restore your cherished memories to their former glory with BenQ exclusive Faded Photo Color Compensation (FCC) Technology. 

The BenQ 5150C, 5000, 5550, 6550T and 7550T scanners all come included with Merge Magic software, which allows users to scan documents that exceed A4 by automatically merging separate scans into one complete document. All five scanners also come equipped with Photo Family software for making personalized photo albums and Super SIE Technology that utilizes 3D enhancement algorithms for improved RGB value providing vivid and vibrant scans.

Scan and Share your images now with BenQ’s New Generation Scanners.