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High-Tech, High Touch, High-Style *** BenQ Joybee 150

High-Tech, High Touch, High-Style *** BenQ Joybee 150


Europe, 6th of November, 2003 - Hit the streets with the new BenQ Joybee 150.  The ultimate innovative portable audio player and USB (universal serial bus) flash drive.  High-tech, high-touch, the Joybee 150 is the ultimate stylish accessory.

Encased in a seriously stylish, reflective silver, mirrored exterior, with back-lit LCD screen, the Joybee 150 is sure to steal the show wherever you go. You can even personalise your start-up screen, so now you can put your favorite photo as a screen save.

The Joybee 150 is not only a WMA and MP3 player. It has 30 FM radio channels to select from, voice recorder, MP3 encoder and eight equalizer modes, and performs simultaneous music play and lyric display.  Thankfully it also gives you 10 hours of battery life so you can really enjoy all the benefits of the Joybee 150.

With enhanced features like repeat reading, oral recording, and playback make learning easier, more convenient and so much more enjoyable.  And, if you want a companion to help with learning a new language, then the Joybee 150 is the perfect learning partner.

With MP3 encoder, the Joybee 150 allows users to convert any audio source (including CD) into an MP3 without any additional software, and BenQ’s Qmusic software makes music management and editing so easy.  In addition, it features upgradeable firmware to ensure you’ll always be up-to-date.  Total hassle free enjoyment.

The Joybee 150 sets the standard for miniature MP3 players.