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BenQ Attains the Taiwan National Quality Award in the Business Industry Category

BenQ Attains the Taiwan National Quality Award in the Business Industry Category


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 4th of November, 2003 – BenQ Corporation is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious 14th annual Taiwan National Quality Award.
BenQ CEO K.Y. Lee will attend the ceremony and represent BenQ in receiving the Taiwan National Quality Award for the business industry category. BenQ was chosen because of its brand awareness, product, technology and total quality management. Not only has BenQ grown financially, but the brand has also flourished since the brand’s inception in 2001.

The National Quality Award is Taiwan’s highest honor for quality. It involves a specialized panel of examiners and a thorough review process for each candidate, starting with an evaluation of written applications and including a 2-day site visit by examiners. This year over 20 companies participated in the strict selection process, 5 companies were siphoned as finalists.

BenQ remarks, “BenQ values quality as its first momentum and every employee keeps in mind that quality is what BenQ strives after. This mind-set helps drive research and development aspects in making every effort to refine for the best quality.” In addition to BenQ business group’s research and development, BenQ has also established an Advanced Technology Center to study advanced technology, which has helped acquire many BenQ achievements for technology, standards and patents. So far BenQ has 1,148 patents worldwide and 1,521 currently pending.

Examiners also gave BenQ’s internal communications platform high remarks.  With the establishment of this network, information application, analysis and internal communications among BenQ’s worldwide offices have been more effective and accessible. This also allows for BenQ’s revenue, gross profit and new product development acceleration. These are part of BenQ’s operation efficiency index.

The National Quality Award is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China and advocates the importance of total quality.  This year’s evaluation index include leadership vision, innovation and strategy management, customer and marketing development, HR and knowledge management, information application management, process management, to performance efficiency. 

The four other finalists selected for the same category are Toyota Taiwan, Ford Taiwan, IBM Taiwan, and MediaTek Inc.