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BenQ DW800A *** Superior functions and a super fast 8x DVD recording speed

BenQ DW800A *** Superior functions and a super fast 8x DVD recording speed


Europe, 4th of November 2003 – The DW800A sets the standard for superior functions and super fast recording speeds – 8x DVD writing on DVD+R and 4x DVD rewriting speed on DVD+RW. 

The DW800A lets you can create a full 4.7GB DVD+R disc in a super fast 10 minutes, halving the current time of 4x DVD drives. And additionally the DW800A features 12x DVD reading, 24x CD-R writing, 10x CD-RW rewriting and 40x CD reading speeds.  It also reads both +R / +RW and most -R / -RW media.  Now you’ll have no problems on shared video, audio or data from all your friends and family.

BenQ DW800A, in conjunction with DVD+RW technology, delivers superior functionality and performance over other DVD recording formats. DVD+RW is all about convenience and speed. With its lightning quick DVD writing speed, you can easily make your own DVD within minutes; enjoying real-time recording with +VR functions from multiple video sources such as Camcorder or TV, and exceptional high quality with BenQ’s Seamless Link and exclusive Smart Writing technology.

If the complex procedure of copying from DV to DVD Recorder confuses you, then BenQ’s exclusive Qvideo program is here to give a helping hand.  With QVideo everything can be done with just one click - capturing from DV and burning to DVD+RW.  QVideo is included with the DW800A and also supports the full range of BenQ DVD+RW device.  It can also be downloaded freely from the BenQ website:

And do you worry that those cherished videos you took of your family holiday, or special birthday party will not play in your DVD Player? Well, BenQ provides Book Type Management to free you of those worries. Now you can freely choose the disc to be written as DVD-ROM type - the most recognisable disc format of existing DVD players.  In theory, DVD+R/+RW disc has a very similar physical format to DVDROM (just like the normal DVD titles you own), and therefore secures a higher compatibility compared to other formats.   However some DVD Players or DVDROMs, particularly those old style ones, will first detect the disc and find only the DVDROM format accessible. BenQ provides the solution for these annoying compatibility problems faced when you insert your meticulously made DVD+RW film into a DVD Player. Book Type Management gives you the option to change the format of your burned DVD+RW media, or simply to burn to “DVDROM” format - the most recognised format.  99.4% of the disc can be recognised by the DVD Player after you have changed it, and you can turn it back to +RW format anytime you wish on +RW discs.

Superior technology with simple solutions from BenQ - designed to make your life even more enjoyable.