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The BenQ Song : ''BenQ I'm Crazy for You'' is born

The BenQ Song : ''BenQ I'm Crazy for You'' is born


The BenQ Song : "BenQ I'm Crazy for You" is born TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 17, 2003 - BenQ is pleased to introduce the BenQ Song, entitled "BenQ, I'm Crazy For You," music and production by IPIS, a young siblings pop group in Asia. The singles album, which was initiated by IPIS after having had experience BenQ's vibrant brand firsthand, will be released during this year's Computex Taipei (9/22 - 9/26). IPIS will perform live BenQ booth - Hall 1, D030 - throughout the show. The BenQ song will only be used for promotional purposes and will not be available in retail or music outlets. The BenQ Song is a dance song mixed with Hip-hop and R & B rhythms that illustrates BenQ's innovative and vivid personality, The BenQ Song will only be used as a marketing tool to promote the BenQ brand during global events, for special promotional activities and possible direct download into BenQ products in the future

"BenQ is a brand that gives users the impression of youthfulness and liveliness in nature. The BenQ Song composed by IPIS matches perfectly with our brand spirit, and it will serve as a communications tool to further strengthen BenQ's market status at targeting the younger crowd," remarks Jerry WT Wang, Vice President of Sales Operations at BenQ Corporation, "Music is one of the most efficient and fastest methods of delivering messages across boundaries. We hope the BenQ Song, when promoted globally, will bring us a step closer in communicating with our users."

"We first approached BenQ earlier this year to propose the BenQ Song," indicates IPIS,

"Our first intensions of writing the BenQ song derived from our fascination and admiration toward BenQ's unique brand qualities. At the same time, we also noticed
BenQ's youthful and joyful brand spirit resembled very much like our own group spirit. This purpose led to our inspirations of wanting to express our feelings toward BenQ's products and to learn more about BenQ - hence "BenQ, I'm Crazy For You" was created to life.

Join us at this year's Computex Taipei for IPIS's live performance concert of the BenQ Song. As we say, "BenQ is, Together for Enjoyment!"

BenQ, I'm Crazy For You
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy for you
(Cool Rap)
Always Vivid, Original, Enjoyable and Genuine
Are what make BenQ living
Oooh, BenQ, BenQ, I'm so crazy
Crazy and in love with you
Crazy cause I know it's true
Why don't you open up your heart and let me in
Coz BenQ, your love is all I need to heal me
To heal the craziness that keeps on haunting me
Day & night gotta have you
Right here with me
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy for you
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy in love
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy for you
Never say you ain't Happy

Cause BenQ, I'm in love and crazy
Listen, take it easy, I'm not really crazy
Be cool my lady, I'll show you some fantasy
BenQ has a unique and fun personality
Bringing enjoyment and quality
B.E.N.Q. to life with technology
That free people to love like a family
Let's sing the world's greatest harmony
Bring enjoyment N' quality to reality

Dream about us together (together in love)
Dream about us making love (all night)
Dream about you holding me tight (all so tight)
Love is so right with you....
(Chorus x 4)
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy for you
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy in love
BenQ, I'm crazy, crazy for you
Never say you ain't Happy
Cause BenQ, I'm in love and crazy