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DW800A offers highest DVD recording speed currently on the market

DW800A offers highest DVD recording speed currently on the market


Europe, 20 August 2003
BenQ today announced the world’s first 8x DVD writer. BenQ DW800A sets groundbreaking record speeds at 8x DVD writing on DVD+R and 4x DVD rewriting speed on DVD+RW.

BenQ DW800A is designed for customers in search of speed. It is able to create a full 4.7GB DVD+R disc in a swift 9 to 10 minutes, half the time of current 4x DVD recording drives. Additionally, BenQ DW800A features 12x DVD reading, 24x CD-R writing, 10x CD-RW rewriting and 40x CD reading speeds.

BenQ DW800A in conjunction with DVD+RW technology delivers superior functionality and performance over other DVD recording formats. What DVD+RW brings to consumers is convenience and speed. With its lightning quick DVD writing speed, consumers can easily make their own DVD within minutes; enjoying seamless real-time recording with BenQ’s Seamless Link, and exclusive Tilt Servo Control, from multiple video sources such as Camcorder or TV.

BenQ DW800A, extending the success of the world’s first 4x/4x DVD Writer DW400A, once again shows the synergy of Philips & BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS). “BenQ continues to use its strength in optical disc technology to create leading DVD recording devices. The DW800A, the world’s fastest DVD writer, solidifies BenQ’s position as a leader in the optical disc device

market,” said William Wang, General Manager of BenQ Imaging Network Business Group.