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Visualising the enjoyment network, BenQ implements its new global visual identity on the Web

Visualising the enjoyment network, BenQ implements its new global visual identity on the Web


Europe, 4TH September 2003
Anybody logging into BenQ’s website will almost certainly notice the new design. It is all part of BenQ’s new Visual Identity (VI) now implemented globally.

How do you visualise enjoyment as a lifestyle? How do you encapsulate the vision of an international company in a way that stresses its true vision and mission? And how do you get to the heart of what distinguishes BenQ from all the other brands on the market place? Those were the questions BenQ asked Cato Purnell Partners, the Australian based specialists in design and visual identity. And the result can now been seen on all BenQ global websites and print.

Creating a strong VI is a vital step in BenQ’s strategy of becoming a globally recognisable brand with a unique appeal. Inspired by the beauty of butterflies, it is organic in feel, aesthetically pleasing in impact, and underlines the core nature of BenQ: a company driven not by cold technology, but rather by the warmth of humanity, by people and their digital lifestyles.

“By their very nature,” says Jerry Chan, BenQ’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales, “butterflies are approachable and a pure form of enjoyment. We believe this gives us a point of difference that transmits positive emotional feelings about the brand. There is also the projection of a desirable image interlaced with a perception of quality and value. The whole ‘package’ sums up the BenQ promise that – ‘Enjoyment Matters.’”

The new website reinforces BenQ’s concept of creating an Enjoyment Network where people will be able to enjoy a wide variety of state-of-the-art offerings without needing to be technical geniuses. Its cool visuals, colours and smooth graphics make enjoyable viewing for anyone visiting the new BenQ website. Live from 1st September 2003, the new VI can be seen at all BenQ European websites.
BenQ brings visual enjoyment globally.