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BenQ Releases 10 New Projectors - Unveils World’s Brightest 5lb. and 3lb. Category Projector

BenQ Releases 10 New Projectors - Unveils World’s Brightest 5lb. and 3lb. Category Projector


Europe, July 7, 2003 
BenQ today substantially expanded its line of projectors with the addition of 10 new models: PB2220, PB2120, PB7220, PB7200, PB7100, PB8230, PB8220, PB8120, PE8700, HT480W. The models, which are aimed at consumer, commercial and educational applications, utilize the latest in advanced digital light processing (DLPTM ) technology.

BenQ releases the projectors under four newly re-minted series: Micro, Performance, Installation and Home Cinema Series. Micro Series projectors are more lightweight and moveable, making them perfect for commercial applications, while Performance Series projectors feature ultra-bright displays perfect for presentations. The Installation Series is aimed at the education market and is adept to handle large meetings and long-term installations. The Home Cinema Series is aimed at users with a penchant for vivid cinema-like displays.

“We are excited to offer these new AV projectors for personal and family entertainment,” expressed Peter Chen, General Manager of the Digital Media Business Group, “In addition to our commercial projectors, we have made a concerted push into the AV projector market and will release more projectors in the future. These projectors continue our brand promise of ‘Enjoyment Network.’”

World’s Brightest 5lb. And 3lb. Category Projector
Part of the Performance Series, the BenQ PB7220 is the world brightest 5lb. Category projector at 2500 ANSI. From their Micro Series, the BenQ PB2220 reaches a brightness of 3lb. at 1700 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Both, PB7220 and the PB2220 utilize next-generation Texas Instrument DMDTM chips equipped with DDR technology, integrating optical, electronic and mechanical properties together seamlessly.

Home Cinema “Must-have”
BenQ’s Home Cinema line flagship, the HDTV-ready BenQ PE8700 is a high-performance projector for demanding home cinema applications. The PE8700 utilizes the HD2 chip, which minimizes static signals, yields more realistic colors and offers greater gray scale differentiation all at a 16:9 viewing ratio.

BenQ Service
All BenQ projectors are covered by BenQ’s comprehensive 3-year warranty.

DLPTM  Technology
DLPTM  (Digital Light Processing) technology is Texas Instrument’s next-generation digital optical technology. The technology, offers high contrast and fine images, with little degradation of quality over time. Additionally, it is suitable for large displays and benefits from a super-long 100,000-hour DMD projector panel. In addition to DLP, BenQ projectors also incorporate BenQ’s own “sealed optical engine design” and DCMS (dynamic color management system) giving users active color adjusting technology.