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DVD+RW = The 1st choice for the smart consumer

DVD+RW = The 1st choice for the smart consumer


Europe, 14th July 2003
DVD+RW from BenQ means compatibility, functionality and simplicity. For video and data recording, BenQ offers the fastest speeds around – enjoy both 4x write and 4x re-write. With key components from Philips BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS) and the expertise of BenQ's elite R&D team the BenQ DVD+RW DW400A optimises the use of the most advanced DVD burning technology around today.

With DVD+RW the possibilities to enhance your digital lifestyle are endless - preserve video clips, full-length movies, music, and any digital data. DVD+RW technology provides a unique advantage - compatibility between your home electronic equipment (DVD players) and your computer equipment. You can create your own customised DVDs, add new recordings and perform direct on-disc sophisticated digital video editing.

The discussion around DVD+RW v.s. DVD Dual drive specifications is never ending, however you may not know that DVD+RW reads both +R/+RW and -R/-RW discs, and writes on +R/+RW disc. Although the DVD Dual drive is capable of writing +R/+RW and -R/-RW, for your daily use you will only usually need one disc for burning. For price/performance, why pay considerably more for features you will rarely use and for discs you will not need, when BenQ DVD+RW is the perfect solution for reading all shared data from both +R/+RW or -R/-RW disc.

BenQ DW400A
The BenQ DW400A comes with three software applications making easy work of playback, editing, and burning. More than that, an ATA-66 cable is bundled to ensure you get full enjoyment from the speed. In addition to fast, reliable burns, the DW400A supports the broadest range of DVD formats and utilizes the IDE interface, giving users easy access to the enjoyment and convenience of DVD burning without the hassle of compatibility problems.

More Features
The BenQ DW400A includes BenQ's exclusive Tilt Control technology, automatically adjusting the angle of the write head to maintain burn quality. Tilt calibration provides an efficient way to maintain high quality uniform writing throughout the disc.

Soon the DW400A will be available with Mount Rainer technology, ensuring the speed and burning process is simplified, and enhancing the enjoyment for users. Through the great on-disc-editing feature “+VR”, you can directly record TV programs (TV tuner card required), easily add / remove any session and change the menu design and description as you wish.

Enjoyment matters to BenQ and to today’s consumers, beginners and experts alike. With the ability to reliably burn large quantities of data, DVD+RW drives are the perfect match for consumer needs, and a key focus for BenQ's development efforts.