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BenQ & Yuko – Mission Accomplished!

BenQ & Yuko – Mission Accomplished!


Yuko wins ‘People’s Choice’ Award at The Flash™Film Festival New York
Europe 14th July 2003

BenQ is proud to announce that its on-line Yuko game has won the ‘People’s Choice’ award at the Flash™ Film Festival 2003 in New York.

Yuko was a finalist in the Game Category where the competition was judged on originality, technical merit and design. Yuko has been awarded the prestigious ‘People’s Choice’ award, determined by public online vote from among the 60 finalists in the competition and achieving more votes than Nike, Sony, Adidas, Lego and National Geographic.

Who is Yuko?
Yuko’s is a secret agent. Aged 28, she studied Nano-Technology at Boston’s MIT and Micro-Biology at Toudai, Tokyo. She has specialist training in free-climbing, Aikido, parachuting and scuba diving. Enemy aliens from Alpha 33 have reached earth and installed three big antennas in hidden places, blocking Internet and digital life. Yuko’s mission is to discover and destroy the three antennas. She has three missions in which to complete her challenge. With the help of BenQ’s range of digital lifestyle products, Yuko must secure the world and the digital life. Play with Yuko.

About The Flash™ Film Festival 2003
Flashforward2003 is the world’s premier Flash event. Held on 9th, 10th, 11th July 2003, the Flash™ Film Festival is an online competition and live awards ceremony showcasing and celebrating the best work on the Web. The 2003 awards ceremony was held on 10th July at the New Yorker Hotel, following the second day of the Flashforward2003 New York Conference.

The Flash™ Film Festival 2003 featured 16 categories: Application, Art, Cartoon, Commerce, Educational, Experimental, Game, Motion Graphics, Navigation, Original Sound, Story, Technical Merit, 3D, Typography, Video and People’s Choice award. The People’s Choice award is determined by public online vote from among 60 finalists. (

The Creators of Yuko
Yuko was created by Vianet ( Vianet is an Italian company with an international clientele, specializing in the creation of digital products and experiences based on interactive media. Vianet’s expertise is in web, TV / iTV, videowall, handheld and mobile phones and interfaces for people with disabilities.
Vianet supported the launch of Yuko in Italy, Benelux, Switzerland and Spain, creating the on-line competition based on the adventures of Yuko.

In addition to the Flash™Film Festival, the Yuko game has also been recognised widely within the web design community: Eye (Russia), Ventilate (Canada), Half Project (Malaysia) and more than 15 other global sites. Yuko has also been noted for its back end programming (Flash language) by some important programming communities: K10K (USA), Flash Mx Pro (Germany), Linkdup (UK), GoldenWebAward (USA).
Enjoyment Matters. Play with Yuko at,, and