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Looks to Scan for...5250C

Looks to Scan for...5250C


Europe, July 8th 2003
BenQ is expanding its range of high quality, high convenience scanners with the new BenQ 5250C – its first USB 2.0 high speed CIS sensor scanner. The 5250C not only produces the sort of high quality output you would expect, but also is a joy to the eye. This is industrial design at its very best – a jewel for any home and office.

People today need to access their documents and files quickly and easily, and having them in a digital format is virtually essential. They are easier to find – and they can be sent to friends and colleagues at just the push of a button. The new BenQ 5250C does all this – and looks great too. Slim – just 38 mm in height – with an elegant two-tone metallic design, the 5250C packs features that will make it a welcome companion wherever you need fast, high quality digital scans. And it’s easy to use: just five buttons – File, Copy, Email, OCR, and Photo Editing 1200 dpi – make it a joy to use. Multi-jobs (up to 10) can be carried out in one operation. And MiraScan – BenQ’s sophisticated software package – also provides auto-positioning, auto-filing with date, and occasional scan. In addition, there is a special easy-to-scan design that allows you to scan books without that unsightly curve near to the binding.

But there’s more: fed up with all those electricity cables? BenQ recognises this, and the design of its new 5250C makes use of USB connection, providing not only true plug ‘n’ play, but also does away with the need for yet another electricity cable. And a special stand allows instant attachment to CD and cleverly hides away the cables.

BenQ’s 5250C is a remarkable scanner. It combines the very latest technology and complete user-friendliness with good looks that are sure to win friends. It is a joy to behold – and a joy to use. But then, would you expect anything else from a company that knows enjoyment matters?