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How big? This Big! *** 19” of ultra-slim LCD from BenQ

How big? This Big! *** 19” of ultra-slim LCD from BenQ


Europe, 10th June 2003.
In many situations, size really does matter. And now BenQ is introducing its FP991 – a top-of-the-bill 19” LCD monitor that not only out-performs the rest of the market, but is also so cleverly designed, that seamless, wall-to-wall displays have become a reality. Need to splash your image really big on a High Street? Then the remarkably thin housing – just 18 mm – ensures that you can see the big picture – without unsightly lines that spoil the image.

And that image is incredible. The FP991 has high SXGA resolution of 1280x1024, coupled with an extremely high brightness level of 300 nits and a high contrast ratio of 700:1. All this puts the quality of the BenQ FP991 right at the very top of today’s LCD monitors. What’s more, its 25ms signal response time and ultra-wide viewing angle, make the FP991 ideal for even the most demanding application.

This new high-end monitor is ideal for large corporate users – in particular banks, stock markets, and consumer outlets – where image really matters. Certainly in a financial setting, the need for absolute clarity of image (particularly in the small print!) is vital. The FP991 can be used not only as a stand-alone monitor – it has a swivel stand that takes up remarkably little desk space – but also be fitted to the wall. This makes it perfect for wall-filling displays. In addition, the FP991 is equipped with dual signal input interface (D-Sub/DVI-D) and i key auto calibration offering further customisation.
The quality of the image also makes it perfect for highly demanding applications such as CAD and design work. What’s more, with the combined rotating hinge function and Portrait Pivot Pro software (optional), the screen can be rotated at just the touch of a key – in landscape you can read your spreadsheets, check out some new design revisions or even play the latest games (in your lunch break of course!), and then switch to portrait to surf the web. As one of the world’s leading LCD monitor manufacturers, BenQ understands the needs of today’s user. And with the FP991, it is again at the cutting-edge of technology.

BenQ is big on enjoyment and quality.

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BenQ is an industry leader in networked lifestyle devices with an expertise that encompasses display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas. BenQ has manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Mexico, China and Taiwan. The company has 13,000 employees worldwide, supporting a strong global sales marketing and service network spanning Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. BenQ has research and development facilities in Taiwan (Hsinchu Lab), China (Suzhou Software Development Center) and California, USA (Wireless Technology Center), and has more than 2,000 research and development employees in Suzhou, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and San Diego. BenQ has amassed nearly 1,000 global patents. BenQ’s 2002 revenue was US$3 billion. For more information about BenQ, please visit our website at