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Maximum Speed, Maximum Storage, Maximum Enjoyment

Maximum Speed, Maximum Storage, Maximum Enjoyment

BenQ DW400A takes storage to the max!

Europe, 4th June 2003.
BenQ brings you the DW400A DVD+RW drive, taking speed, storage and enjoyment to the max. The DW400A offers 4x write and 4x re-write speeds utilizing key components from Philips BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS) and the expertise of BenQ's elite R&D team. The DW400A optimises the use of the most advanced DVD burning technology around today.

With the DW400A the possibilities to enhance your digital lifestyle are endless - preserve video clips, full-length movies, music, and any digital data. The DW400A comes with three software applications making easy work of playback, editing, and burning. Now you can create your own customised DVDs and perform digital video editing and burning. In addition to fast, reliable burns, the DW400A supports the broadest range of DVD formats and utilizes the IDE interface, giving users easy access to the enjoyment and convenience of DVD burning without the hassle of compatibility problems.

Enjoyment is within just a few “clicks”. That cherished moment of your baby’s first step; the fantastic wedding party with all your friends and family; the archive of your old school papers – the enjoyment has no limits and the BenQ DW400A allows you to store and share them all.

The BenQ DW400A includes BenQ's exclusive Tilt Control technology, automatically adjusting the angle of the write head to maintain burn quality. The DW400A fully supports Mount Rainier technology, which simplifies and speeds the burning process. A specially designed software interface effectively eases the learning curve for newcomers to DVD burning, enhancing the enjoyment of today’s technology. Through the great on-disc-editing feature “+VR”, you can directly record TV programs (TV tuner card required), easily add / remove any session and change the menu design and description as you wish.

Enjoyment matters to BenQ and to today’s consumers. AV products have become an indispensable source of enjoyment for lifestyles today, and tools for editing and storing audiovisual content are the focus of future consumer demand. With their ability to reliably burn large quantities of data, DVD burners are a perfect match for consumer needs, and a key focus for BenQ's development efforts. The DW400A confirms BenQ’s brand leadership in the optical disk drive market.

The DW400A is more than a high-speed machine – it’s a high enjoyment machine.