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BenQ FP591 Named “Best In Design” in Popular Japanese Magazine

BenQ FP591 Named “Best In Design” in Popular Japanese Magazine


TAIPEI, TAIWAN - May 26, 2003
The BenQ FP591 has been selected as one of twelve products considered to be “Best In Design” from Digimono Station (June 2003), a leading monthly publication in Japan that features the latest trends in PCs, home appliance, and lifestyle digital devices. BenQ is the only company from Taiwan chosen in the review.

The selection committee takes into consideration of several criteria during the review process. BenQ FP591 received high marks for its style and design craftsmanship. Tatsuhiro Ishida, an editor of Digimono Station, noted that the Japanese LCD monitors often focus on light and thin features instead of the overall design.

“The company makes it a top priority to delivering innovative and stylish products to the market,” said Manfred Wang, Director of the Lifestyle Design Center (ID & Trend Research team) at BenQ’s Headquarter in Taipei. “To receive an international design recognition from Japan is superb because they are known for producing impeccable products with cutting edge design. ”

The LCD monitor product line has evolved since BenQ introduced its first model in 1997. Constantly forward thinking, the BenQ FP591, which features a thin ultra-bright display and SRS surround sound, is capable of viewing digital photos directly from CF, SD/MMC and Smart Media cards. An optional TV Tuner Box also allows users to receive television signals in PAL, NTSC or SECAM formats.

BenQ LCD monitors have been the recipient of numerous accolades from top-tier industry media in the United States, Germany, China and Singapore including PC Magazine, PC World, PC Welt, Win Magazine and CHIP Magazine.

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