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Enjoy true wireless freedom - everywhere

Enjoy true wireless freedom - everywhere

Europe, May 8th 2003
BenQ is firmly establishing a leading position in the market for wireless broadband products. That position is now strengthened further by the introduction of three new products, all giving you true wireless freedom.

First, BenQ BW 3700, a dual band wireless access point router, that enables the user to be connected with networks making use of either the 802.11g or 802.11b standards – the two most popular standards used in broadband networking. It provides ultra-fast data transfer – at 54 Mbps it is the fastest on the market – and offers very wide coverage – up to 300 metres outdoors and 30 metres in the office or home. It combines the function of a wireless LAN access point with an integrated router; this makes it extremely easy to install, particularly using the set-up wizard provided as part of the web page management utility. It incorporates advanced firewall and NAT functions for LAN network security protection; the wireless network is further ensured by standard WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and 802.1x security.

Second, BenQ BW3100, a dual band wireless PC CardBus. It ensures compatibility with all 2.4 GHz wireless environments (IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g) and automatically detects the signals and chooses the best one available. It also provides dual transfer speed modes – when using the 802.11b, it operates at 11 Mbps, but accelerates to a remarkable 54 Mbps when switching to 802.11g – the fastest data transfer rate among all current wireless LAN applications. It also supports not only Wi-Fi and WEP security, but enhances security further with 802.1x-authenticated security. It supports all Windows OS – including XP – and the set-up wizard means it is a true plug-and-play product.

And third, BenQ is introducing BW4100 triple-band wireless LAN CardBus. It allows users to move freely among 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g wireless environments. It is a 32-bit CardBus adapter – rather than a traditional 16-bit PCMCIA card – and provides a faster and more robust interface with your portable computer, supporting the maximum data rates for IEEE 802.11b network of 11 Mbps, and both 802.11a and 802.11g networks at 54 Mbps. In the 802.11a turbo mode, the BenQ BW4100 can attain top speeds of up to 108Mbps, while the most advanced 152-bit WEP encryption and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology provides best–of-class industry-standard security. Users can now enjoy the flexibility of the very highest wireless LAN speeds where 5GHz networks are available, as well as accessing public hot spots using the popular 2.4GHz standard.